A grooming revolution is taking shape as BarberBoss, a vibrant and fast-expanding brand that makes quality grooming products accessible to the masses.

As the proud sponsor of esteemed football clubs such as West Bromwich Albion (WBA) and Birmingham City Football Club (BCFC), BarberBoss aims to seamlessly blend local pride with a vision for global reach.

Rooted in Birmingham, this brand reflects the city’s spirit of resilience, innovation, and strong community ties, and aims to stand as more than just a grooming brand, but a symbol of the city's dynamic ethos.

BarberBoss' rise in popularity

Since its 2020 inception, BarberBoss has committed to excellence, offering a comprehensive array of quality grooming essentials suitable for the entire family. The start-up quickly gained popularity, amassing over 18,000 glowing customer reviews on Amazon and demonstrating a steadfast dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

With a diverse product range available on Amazon across the UK and Europe, as well as on its website, BarberBoss has cemented a robust presence, catering to men, women, and pets.

The grooming brand's offerings address the varied grooming needs of a worldwide clientele. Whether it's versatile trimmers and detailers or specialised foot care kits, BarberBoss ensures there's a product for every grooming need, reflecting its ethos of inclusivity and quality.

BarberBoss offers a diverse product range suitable for the needs of the whole family
BarberBoss offers a diverse product range suitable for the needs of the whole family

Fostering community spirit through football sponsorships

The company's dynamic partnerships with West Bromwich Albion (WBA) and Birmingham City Football Club (BCFC) epitomise a deep commitment to local pride and the spirit of sportsmanship. Its role as the official sleeve sponsor for WBA is not merely a business move, but a meaningful fusion of shared values such as passion and dedication. This collaboration marks a significant presence in the football world, symbolising solid support for the team.

BarberBoss's partnership with Birmingham City Football Club (BCFC) extends beyond traditional branding. Alongside prominent digital advertising at St. Andrew's, it actively enhances matchday experiences. Its involvement includes sponsoring Player of the Match awards and match balls in key fixtures and being the official sponsor of BCFC's goalkeeper, Neil Etheridge, for the season. Through this collaboration, the company hopes to signify its deep engagement and unity within the football community.

Grooming solutions for the modern family

As it launches its Black Friday extravaganza BarberBoss is dedicated to elevating the grooming experience, from its men, women, and pet lines to its Black Friday special offers.

The company believes that each product is a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence, blending technology with user-friendly design. Its expansive product range offers more than 30 models. From precision-engineered ceramic blades to smart LED indicators and ergonomic designs, each product is crafted to cater to the unique grooming needs of different household members.

Whether refreshing your grooming kit or seeking the perfect gift, BarberBoss products celebrate the art of grooming and aim to provide satisfaction with every use.

The men's collection features 5-in-1 trimmers, perfect for managing all grooming requirements from facial styling to comprehensive body hair management. For women, BarberBoss presents a line of delicate yet efficient trimmers, enhanced by their recently launched foot care model specifically designed for hard skin, ensuring smooth, salon-quality results at home. The pet grooming assortment provides everything from specialised nail trimmers to full-body grooming tools, all designed for the safe and comfortable care of pets.

You can even save on pet grooming bills with BarberBoss' pet product line
You can even save on pet grooming bills with BarberBoss' pet product line

Black Friday bonanza: deals for exceptional grooming

Dive into BarberBoss's Black Friday extravaganza where you'll uncover deals on its entire range of grooming products, including automatic discounts offering up to 30% off trimmers. Whether you are looking to elevate your personal grooming game or searching for the ideal gift this festive season, BarberBoss's Black Friday sale offers the perfect blend of quality and value.

Available only until midnight on November 28, 2023, BarberBoss encourages customers to take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity to access its products at incredibly discounted prices.

Choose a grooming experience that combines style, and functionality, catering to your unique preferences and grooming requirements.

To find out more, or to browse BarberBoss' grooming products, head to the website now and transform your grooming routine. Alternatively, you can visit the BarberBoss Amazon store here.

*Terms and Conditions: This automatic discount is exclusively applicable to trimmers purchased on the official website and is valid until 11:59 PM GMT on November 28, 2023. Please note that this offer is not valid on Amazon or other platforms, cannot be combined with other discount codes, and does not cover shipping costs. It is a one-time use discount per customer and is subject to product availability. BarberBoss strictly prohibits the purchase of products for resale purposes. BarberBoss reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time. By making a purchase, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.