As kebab shops go, some are better than others and if you're a new customer, you never know quite what you're going to get. But it would seem that the kebabs at one particular takeaway are causing quite a stir.

Dozens of people have left reviews of Xotica BadBoy Kebabs, in Leigh, Wigan, and one in particular is worth a read. In fact the five-star Google review from Daniel Dempsey is somewhat of an essay. One which lavishes praise on the food and the staff.

If he could, he explains how he'd give the place more stars, as his meal - mixed kebab on chips - was 'an absolute delight that tantalized [his] taste buds and left [him] with a truly unforgettable dining experience'.

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"Let's talk about the meal itself," he writes. "The Meal for One was not just a meal; it was a symphony of flavours that danced harmoniously on my palate. The attention to detail was evident from the moment I opened the neatly packaged box.

"That aroma wafting out was a promise of the delightful journey my taste buds were about to embark upon.

Xotica BadBoy Kebabs in Leigh
Xotica BadBoy Kebabs in Leigh

"The kebab, oh the kebab! Succulent, tender, and bursting with them lemony herb flavours, each bite was a celebration of the culinary artistry that BadBoy is renowned for. Perfect balance of spices, the charred edges that added a delectable smokiness – it was clear that the chefs poured their heart and soul into crafting these masterpieces."

Daniel goes on to say that the presentation alone 'deserves a medal', describing the 'work of art on a plate' as 'a feast for the eyes as well'.

And he's not the only one giving praise to the shop, which serves red doner meat and its own 'unique and original' BadBoy sauce. "Best kebab I've ever had," said one customer. "Quality is consistent too."

Another said: "If I reviewed this place every time I ordered I would overload Google’s servers. Best kebabs I’ve ever had. They are doing something no one else does."

The Chapel Street branch is not alone in receiving such attention. There's another one in Walkden, Salford, too, which recently received a visit from Rate My Takeaway's Danny Malin, whose reviews on fast food outlets across the world get shared on YouTube and Facebook.

He gives his own positive verdict on the food, with particular praise for the lamb doner meat - describing it as 'one of the nicest doner meats I've ever had' - and saying he was blown away by the sweetness to the BadBoy sauce, which he said was 'a different flavour to what you usually expect with a doner kebab'.

"That is a kebab that if I lived near this place, this would be my weekly kebab," he said. "Because that is absolutely gorgeous, I absolutely love it."