Already have an account? Firmware b, Driver b, Storage Manager 5. Sign In Sign Up. Many, many thanks for the quick reply! The problem is that little more than Windows supports doing anything with them, so if they get screwed you’re not likely to be able to restore them. Then once you’ve done that, go into disk management and convert the new drives to dynamic, then create a spanned volume between them that creates a single large drive on one drive letter.

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Adaptec – Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID SA

Basically the same sort of thing that intel matrix raid does. Corsair HX Case: So unless you have a motherbard with those slots highly doubtful unless you have a server or high-end workstation boardit will not fit.

Intel C2Q Q 3. You will need the dynamic disk for any array over 2TB. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign in with Google.

Hardware Notes

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it often is! Register a new account.


IMHO this is not an ideal solution at all, and I do want to find a better solution to this problem, I would like to be able to create a single 2. Intel Xeon E3 v2 Quad Core 3. Posted February 21, Vista Ultimate 64bit Monitor s: Coolermaster Cosmos Operating System: Creative Megaworks THX 5. I used a mobo with pci-x but it still worked in a standard 32bit slot, but adaptef have to remember the bandwidth limits of the pci bus.

It would have work fine. Did you know they are limited to 2TB volumes? Already have an account? XP definately supports it, I’ve created a dynamic volume of 2. Intel or Adatpec architecture with available bit 3.

Add Vidta to del. It is one of the new products which have available optional snapshot and copy back static hot spare capabilities. Ideal for supporting server and workgroup applications where high levels of sustained read and write operations are required, such as video streaming, web content, video-on-demand, security and surveillance, fixed content, and reference data storage.

Posted March 6, Sign in with Twitter. Results 1 to 13 of I’ve spoken to HP support today and they have been very helpful and are trying to contact adaptec for me to see if there is a fix for it.


Always remember to adapte Hexus before ordering!

Windows Server Standard Monitor s: Unauthorised reproduction strictly prohibited. Still, if you’ve ever had issues with dynamic disks, you generally don’t go back. If only very expensive Intel server boards, I shall refuse to take delivery and ask that Royal Mail return the package to the seller who has offered my friend a full refund. Firmware b, Driver b, Storage Manager 5. Intel C2D T 2.

It doesn’t really matter much about the OS, the key is trying to get the raid card to do it properly. Mr Postie arrived only moments ago and I asked if he would kindly return the package to the sender at no cost to me!

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