Firmware – Gateway V3. This version is a BETA release. In rare cases, DL-Windows 4. Finally, import the database to the new version. When finished, install patch files located on this website search for “DL-Windows V5.

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Take out battery pack and remove battery power by disconnecting the battery pack plug. Be aware that both types of letters always denote the same version.

AL-PCI2-U Alarm Lock USB Computer Interface w/ Software

Consumer Support Non-Locking Professionals, click here to get a factory-trained specialist in your area. Be aware that both letters always denote the same version. Within 10 minutes of the previously described update process, press and hold the “1” key on the keypad for 10 seconds and listen for a short beep followed by a long beep.

Finally, import the database to the new version. Therefore, after defaulting the lock simply re-discover the lock and DL-Windows will manage the “re-configuration process”. Select the correct driver for the operating system of your PC bit or bit: All account files, including the AcctList file must be in the same location. In addition, after updating the firmware, manually default the locking device Function 99 as described in the programming instructions.


Download the two firmware. Delete the DL Windows directory, then install the new version. Accompanying the DL-Windows 5.

After 10 seconds, remove the short. Firmware – Gateway V3.

When finished, the confirmation alzrm displays the 64j firmware. Then in the Setup folder, run ” Setup. The firmware will begin to install. Please carefully follow the accompanying README file containing instructions for the installation of the patch file after unzipping the contents of the folder.

Plug in the provided male shunt connector into the yellow wire female connector. Software – DL-Windows V5.

Alarm Lock ALPCI2U Trilogy PC Software & Cable with USB

Import utility is found in the DL-Windows folder. Supports Version 2 Gateways and Expanders and the Emergency Indicator Lightbar on the inside “protected” side of the alar. Software House CCure V2. Verify that the red LED flashes “1 short blink” indicates version e. In this situation, simply request another Gateway Status update from the Gateway Configuration Tools menu and manually verify the correct ‘updated’ firmware version 3.


AL-PCI2-U Alarm Lock usb computer interface w/software

The lock will immediately sound 3 short beeps if these 3 beeps are not heard, then restart at step 3. If following the zlarm “access granted” indication you then hear 1 long beep and 5 short beeps, the lock must then be defaulted, re-discovered and the lock profile re-downloaded.

Within 10 minutes of cycling power, press and hold the number 1 key. Rest assured that your Al-ppc12 always maintains your lock information. The firmware version letter type case “upper case” or “lower case” displayed in the file name may differ lcok from the case displayed in DL-Windows. Also includes other updated keypad programming features. Gateway Firmware for V3. This version is a BETA release. Then use a valid code or card to ensure access is granted with its valid “access granted” beeps and LED lights.

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