So after determining the only external differences between the Bel STi Driver vs Bel XR are two paper stickers that appear to be hand applied due to their aligment the next step was to open the units up and look at their internals:. The first radar test challenged a Multanova 6F speed camera Ka band and several passes were made with both the STi Driver and the STi XR to see if there were any differences in sensitivity between the two. Delonix has been an Australian GST registered business since Most advanced protection system on the market brings superior protection and absolute discretion Click on thumbnail to enlarge. Test three – second run from the front, both detectors alerted at exactly the same time. Detecting a frequency X-band that is not used in either country seems to be a useless feature.

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In fact when Jeremy from Delonix Australia attended the Speed Measurement Labs’ annual radar detector test in El Paso Texas back inthe temperatures were around 40 degrees every day! If you reset your Bel Bdlltronics detector, it will show you which software version your detector is running.

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Bel STi XR vs Bel Sti Driver – we put them to the test

The older model Bel i could indeed be programmed for superior Multanova detection, however the later models RX65 blltronics STi cannot?! This makes the STi-R Plus M-Edition not only the ultimate defense system but also the most comfortable detector to use!

Another advantage is that the performance of the STi-R Plus M-Edition is hardly affected anymore by radar parking sensors and blind spots of other cars’ systems.


Click on the image to download the video. In this type of speed camera trap, your detector is relying on the radar beam reflecting off oncoming traffic driving towards bepltronics, or from large stationary objects.

However, our competitor very quickly removed this lie within days of us calling them out! Now, the new K-band segmentation system triggers even less false belltdonics, for example, when passing by shops and petrol stations with automatic entrance systems.

We also were given this “Australian temperatures and road conditions” story many years ago, but given the USA has a wider range of temperatures from snow to the Arizona desert than most Australian capital cities, we find it a hard statement to swallow. Or are these simply scare tactics and BS to try and convince you to pay the higher price they charge? Given the only state in Australia where RD’s are legal to own and operate employs 27 mobile Belltroonics speed cameras, one would expect the Bel XR “Australian version” to include a Ka-band selection rather than just Ka superwidesince it is widely known the difficulty in detecting this speed cameras.

No other country has a “specially modified” variation of the Bel STi Driver.

Test four – opposite direction once again, with the camera facing away, again the detectors alerted to within a second of each other. Test Two – the positions of the detectors were swapped, so the the STi Driver was now on the left.

Beltronics STI: Radar & Laser Detectors | eBay

And also from one of our competitors: At the time of writing, one of our competitors makes the following claims:. Perhaps they are referring to Australian’s driving on the other side of the road, beoltronics they flip the antenna over backwards no they don’t, that was a joke. Thanks to this combination, you have the ultimate protection against all kinds of radar including the MultaRadar CDred light bleltronics, and average cams all over Europe!


Fifth run, XR on left, Driver on the right. The XR began alerting, and the Driver alerted again a second later. Real World Test Conclusions: For this reason, it makes an excellent test for sgi radar detectors. The Bel STi Driver has not been tested and does not come with an undetectable guarantee”.

Beltronics STI

Why would the so called “Australian version” software detect frequencies that could not possibly ever be used in Australia? Actually this is completely false.

Making use of the segmentation of K-band, Beltronics increased the performance of its products to the max. This means that when belltronnics receive your unit it is guaranteed to have no RDD detectable leakage. The V1 alerted briefly on approach, then paused, and alerted again for a few seconds.

Third run, the detectors were switched around so the Sti XR belltroncs now on the left. Beltronics really needs to offer this in their product. This top-of-the-bill product from Beltronics combines a GPS speed camera database with highly advanced stealth radar detection. This could be seen as the “icing on the cake” as far as this claim by belltronnics Australian distributor goes, claiming the “XR is exclusively tuned for Australia” when it actually can detect USA frequencies that cannot possible EVER be used in Australia.

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