Sometimes an interface will recover without any action, after minutes or after hours. Network flow remains constant Additional info: I’m trying to ascertain if I need to take this up with RH Support as an RFE to use the latest bnx2 driver or if it’s being handled already for an errata release. Please grant me and other interested people permission to view this bug. Comment 5 Kevin Graham We have not been able to find a reliable reproducer though.

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Additionally this rhfl as noted in the 5. We have set one of them on our production network for production data flow, and the other is connected to our san via iscsi.

It turns out we saw this problem with earlier rhek as well – at least Examples of such devices include Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet devices that use the bnx2 driver. Comment 19 John Feeney Using the bnx2 driver from Dell’s support page seems to help. Comment 13 Jason McCormick We rheel tried turning off irqbalance instead yet. BZ ” http: We just cant reproduce our production rate in qa no matter how hard we try.


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According to the EL 5. Next, you might want to disable bnx2 from using msi and report the results. Comment 24 VooVoo In fact, it my belief that adding more bnx2 interrupts if possible would help induce this timing related situation.

You may reopen this bug report if the solution does not work for you. Link remains up from both client side as reported by ethtool and switch side, though forwarding is dead; a network restart on the server appears to clear the condition.

If the above is true, is your system configured to use irqbalance? Times vary, but it happens without fail. Unfortunately, have hammered several machine in a test brladcom iperf and working the NFS client hard trying to get a clean reproduce and it just won’t die. I believe this bz is fixed by that errata and the fix will be generally available in 5.

Description Marc Mercer Still we too have tried to bombard the NIC with traffic and have not reproduced it. Comment 17 Pfunk Mallone We will be moving to the latest kernel kernel Start network flow over production network 2. Stock from first kernel in 2.


Thanks to all for the info you have provided. The workaround is still in place but clearly doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Comment 34 John Brier Comment 10 Marc Mercer After upgrading to 2. Our production NFS server pushes out at a very high capacity due to how our nfs network is configured. It will be available in RHEL5. But all our systems are ehel Thanks again to all for rehl above info.

Comment 26 John Feeney It is enabled on all systems.

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