All times are UTC Contact us. I think that a small sand bag or rear rifle rest would be something you would want to consider as well to get the most accuracy out of your rifle. Sep 30, Messages: Inline rifles and shotgun talk is welcome here! Well gents I got tired of its slipping around on a poured cement shooting bench at my gun club. I’ve been using that Caldwell bag for some time now.

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As for the weight-lifting, I could use that too. As a media for just creating a rest cat litter should be fine.

I filled my leather elbow bag with corn cob tumbler media somebody gave me and it seems to be very light weight and fairly durable so far and medium firm. Looked at Uncle Bud’s bull bag but picked the Caldwell mostly on lower price. The Bulls Bags have been better for me than sand bags front and back. Initially I shot that bullet for a 4″ group. SEE ATTACHED Our design is superior over those others, because ours is a patented “X” design that grips the rifle, has a low-center-of-gravity, wide-footprint and weight and balance engineered formula, that is critical to accuracy and repeatability.

All my bags are filled with sand of some weight, better for reducing recoiled but they get very very heavy. Manufactured Bench Rest Shooting Bag. The cover of the bag was not of the highest quality, and it ultimately burst, so I tossed the bag away.


I suggested this to my gardner-guru wife, and she replied, “Well, you know that Vermiculite attracts moisture.

Caldwell tack driver bag | Sniper’s Hide Forum

My light bags get Walnut lizard media from the pet store. Anyway, I’ll check it out and report later.

The problem here is that in order to bypass this area, introducing a solid tube results in even a narrower channel through which the filling material must pass to get into the bag. Can’t believe bukls is that bad, so I will try again with seating it at 2. Hasgun Gag Gunny Sergeant May 7, Jan 6, 7, Southeast, PA www.

Sep 30, Messages: Near double the size of my Tackdriver Bag. I have been using a Bulls Bag for about 20 years. Sadly, Uncle Bud didn’t allow a large enough orifice through which almost any filling material can be introduced into the bag.

Caldwell tack driver bag

Yes, my password is: That being the case, I will try to salvage the old Uncle Buds with either polyfiber or birdseed moisture or bulla moisturethen purchase a 15″ Bulls Bag for range use. I usually squeeze the rear bag with my free hand as I shoot to make precise adjustments in elevation. My next purchase is going to be the Caldwell Rock shooting rest so I can hopefully get for even more stabilization for my rifle. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode.


Polystyrene beads will work but are kind of shifty. The one critical item that DakotaMan brought up is just make sure that your rifles barrel doesn’t touch anything else, even the rifle stock.

CJ6Dec 28, My best yard groups have actually come from resting the rifle on a pair of sandbags and squishing them down until the rifle doesn’t move. I like to use it on my 50 yard range due to my table not being big enough for my lead sled. Mar 13, 0 16 49 Northport, AL. I shoot that way from a rest when shooting rodents. I have an origional Lead Sled that is just a pain in the rear to adjust then re-adjust after each shot. The Bulls Bag is designed so that most of the weight is at the bottom part of the bag.

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