Coronation Street has been hit with a number of official complaints over recent 'intimate' scenes that left viewers screaming at their TV screens. During an emotional episode of the ITV soap aired on November 15, viewers saw Paul Foreman head to the hospital for an appointment.

Joined by husband Billy Mayhew, Paul visited a speech and language therapist, who explained how they could use specialist equipment to replicate Paul’s voice as when his condition progress, he devastatingly will likely be no longer able to talk.

It comes after Paul has been told that he has six to 12 months to live. The former builder, who was told he had Motor Neurone Disease earlier this year, had an appointment with his speech therapist, which led to a visit with the MND nurse when his mum, Bernie Winter, started worrying about her son's cough.

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After Billy made his way to the hospital after being contacted by a concerned Bernie, Paul ultimately received devastating news and ack at home, after breaking the news to sister Gemma Winter-Brown in an emotional voicemail message.

During the visit to the speech and language therapist, Paul was told that the equipment would allow him to still be able to communicate when he finds himself unable to talk as his MND progresses. During the appointment, viewers saw the specialist gave Paul a book and explained that they would record him reading the whole book aloud to give them a recording of his voice saying as many different words as possible which they then be able to use.

She also added that Paul would be able to record some of his own phrases, things that he says on a regular basis and while the couple tried to joke about changing up Paul's voice to sound like Barry White, Billy quickly grew upset as the reality of their situation dawned on him.

Billy and Paul enjoyed a romantic afternoon

Once back at home, Billy suggested that they tried recording some things like the specialist had said but Paul interrupted him with a kiss leading to a romantic afternoon. The pair were later were seen starkers on the sofa, covered only by a blanket. and Paul did decide to read through the book with Billy before reflecting on the their sex lives.

And as Billy told Paul that he loved him, Paul pulled out his phone to record himself playing it back, so that he'd always be able to let Billy know that he loved him. But the scenes have caused Corrie to face Ofcom complaints It was confirmed to the Manchester Evening News that the 52 complaints 'related to an intimate scene between Billy and Paul'.

But following the same scenes, some viewers were thankful on Summer Spellman's behalf that she did go to the police station in pursuit of her pal Amy Barlow who had been arrested and had not home as her guardian Billy Mayhew and his husband Paul Foreman were seen starkers on the sofa, covered only by a blanket, after spending intimate time together amid more emotional scenes relating to Paul's deteriorating health.

@ElloTeenah tweeted: "NOT ON THE COUCH. SUMMER HAS TO SIT ON THERE. But I adore same sex couples getting these intimate scenes #Corrie." @sofaneilas added: "Thank Christ Summer didn't go straight home lmao #corrie."