Sony Support Personal Computer Accessories. And above 21 inches, monitor prices really start to go nuts. Laptops by Caitlin Petrakovitz Nov 25, But none of this means that a cheap monitor has to be any worse than an expensive one of the same size, and it may represent startlingly better value for money. If you’ve got the hardware to play games in outrageous resolutions, you’ll be able to do so just fine, and see that deathmatch opponent or MiG 29 a bit better in the distance. There are two basic reasons why older and cheaper monitors have curved screens. The G weighs in at a relatively svelte 26 kilograms.

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If you don’t notice the shadows in the store but do notice them at home and decide they irk you, though, you’ll be in h400. Magnetic contamination causes “purity” problems, where sections of the screen get a colour cast because some magnetised component is pulling the electron beams off-line. Factory Preset Resolution Modes. Dell UltraSharp 49 is a big monitor matched by a big price.

Interface Required Connector Type. Then again, there’s a range of tube models even among CRTs of a particular vintage and size.

Sony CPD-G : Multiscan G Computer Display User’s Manual CPD-G

But none of this means that a cheap monitor has to be any worse than an expensive one of the same size, and it may represent startlingly better value for money. The DisplayMouse is a little fiddly to use, but I’ve wrestled with far, far worse.


By default it does brightness and contrast adjustment for and aft for one, left and right for the otherbut if you press the whole button upwards you get access to the main setup menus. Chrome Download the latest version.

Sony CPD-G400 User Manual

Every single Trinitron or Diamondtron monitor ever made has at least one and, for bigger screens like the G, two or more, faint dark lines running horizontally across the screen. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 27, This gives them a coarser vertical pitch.

You also get an “Image Restoration” feature, which is supposed to restore its colour brilliance to its original factory settings even after years of use.

Some adapters have switches built in that let you set them to t400 anything you want to the Mac.

Flat enough for yer? If you prefer a paper hard copy of a manual listed on this page, you can purchase it from the True Manuals web site.

Laptops by Lori Grunin Aug 28, These let you do all of the usual size and position and geometry setup. There’s also a Macintosh connector adaptor, documented on a separate piece of paper so thin it could plausibly be hidden in a hollow coat button by British Intelligence. The maximum resolution a monitor can display is, thus, determined by how closely packed its phosphor dots are.

I’d be happy to walk out of the computer store with a less funky monitor, plus Mb more RAM and a 20 gigabyte hard drive. You can pick the colour temperature you want pretty much anywhere between and Kelvin, and you can twiddle the convergence, too, although it it seemed just about perfect to me without any changes. Once you get above 19 inch diagonals, monitors start to become a serious hernia risk.


Here’s a close-up shot of the G’s screen, with Windows pointer for scale. Screen sizes Everybody wants more inches than everyone else.

Cyber Monday deals you can still get: All colour CRT monitors – and televisions – use three electron beams, one for each of the primary colours red, green and blue.

A more useful feature is ZOOM, which simply does both horizontal and vertical sizing at once. It’s easiest to focus the beams finely if the distance between the face and the back of the tube is the same at all points.

Sony CPD-G 19″ monitor | iamkenji | Flickr

This is the dot layout of a standard shadow mask monitor. The control system and styling and build quality and factory warranty support might well be better for a name brand monitor. The canonical pixels-per-inch figure for monitors is 72, corresponding to a.

This didn’t work worth a darn when I tried it, giving me an undersized, off-centre image, but maybe you’ll be luckier. Laptops by Caitlin Petrakovitz Nov 25, We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:.

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