July 28, at Good lord, I was about to toss Linux again for driver issues, finally everything is working. I chose to use ext2, rather than ext3, to avoid waste of space and unnecessary write wear to the SSD. If access points are listed, you need to click on the one you have access to you will be asked for the corresponding password or encryption key. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Increase the speaker volume. Every time I type the sudo command it asks for a password.

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How to install a wireless driver on my dell mini 9 running ubuntu Thank you so much, both the autor and you. Well I edll got it done. The OS installs just as you would expect with Ubuntu.

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Take a second to support Geekster on Patreon! Want to know why? July 10th, 2. February 26, at 6: August 27, at Known issues and usage notes for Ubuntu factory-installed Mini 9 systems Connecting to a wireless router If you are having issues with wifi or can’t seem to ubunti it recognized, make sure your system is fully updated.


Getting Wireless To Work on Dell Mini 9 Using Ubuntu ~ Bauer-Power Media

Status For installation, as of Ubuntu This time I decided to cut out a lot of the stuff I don’t really use. I have worked around this by writing a pm-utils script that unmounts the card on suspend and remounts it on resume.

July 30, at 8: Gnu was my Dell Inspiron Mini 9. Tried so many tips from Linux forum, with no luck so far. Unverified information Also see this thread on the Ubuntu Forums for more information.

Debian Linux on the Dell Mini 9

There is no F12 key on the Mini9, however pressing “0” will have the same result. Run these two ubunntu to switch back to the Ubuntu theme, the first will prompt you to select the theme you want: April 11, at I am trying 2 hours to resolve this problem! August 24, at 7: March 10, at 7: The sudo modprobe b43 command just sits there and does nothing at all. You need to wirelless that it exists.


How to Fix Broadcom BCM4311 Wireless Driver on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Subscribe to get the latest Linux news and how to guides directly on your e-mail! Did you have to do anything different than listed on the page here to get the bcm running on your inspiron e?

I tried this on Ubuntu Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8. July 11th, 5.

It worked for me after uninstalling ubnutu driver and installing b43, then rebooting. To give you some Thanks from a rejuvenated laptop. After an hour reading various posts on how to get Ubuntu Linux wireless working, I found your post.

But finally something worked.

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