To access the print server web interface, complete the following: Parcel Lockers We deliver to parcel lockers around Australia. OS Compatibility refers to the included software only – the Print Server itself can be used without software on most platforms that support network printing. First of all, of course, check and if your USB device has been correctly connected to the product and powered on. The print server should be listed with a MAC address starting with

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Depending on the product design, you should be able to connect at least one and up to four USB multi-function printers. You can determine the IP address of the unit in one of the following ways: There are many webcams are what we called USB 2. This palm-sized print server makes it easy to share a USB printer with users on your network. Connect a power supply to the print server. Some USB devices requires device driver to work properly.

This time, try not to forget. It also supports Bonjour Print Services, making it easier to find and configure printers on your network. You should check and see if the device driver is correctly installed. Oops, I forgot the password. Does this product support USB webcam?


Depending on the product design, you should be able to connect at least one and up to four USB printers. Does this product support USB scanner? Most of the USB mass storage device on the market should be supported. When connecting through a USB 2.

10/100Mbps Ethernet to USB 2.0 Network LPR Print Server

Ideal for printers, scanners, or for access to your external hard drives. Using more than one and you might experience some interruption.

This means you already have a previous version, or the same version, software installed on the system. Please make sure your USB device is listed as supported on our released document.

Contact the Techstore should you require more details. Fiddling around with hard-drive file sharing or printer network sharing can be a hassle. To do this, power off the product, press and hold down the Reset switch and then power on the product.

Verify the installation Open Control Panel.

It should be obvious that when working at lower speed, the webcam transmits less data each second hence the worse picture quality. There is a limitation however. Parcel Lockers We deliver to parcel lockers around Australia.


Networking USB Server | Jaycar Electronics

However, if there is a USB 2. Where To Buy ConXit. Copy Link Was this information helpful? We do not automatically serverr unless you specify it during the checkout.

This document aims to provide answers and solutions to the doubt and problems users might run-in when using the product.

To install the printer, complete the following:. These cables can be found on StarTech.

10/Mbps USB Print Server | Networking IO | Australia

In Windows 7 and Digitedh Vista, how do I add the printer to my computer from my print server? If shipping to a PO Box you must select standard delivery during checkout.

Once powered on, release the switch and wait 10 seconds for the product to process and reboot.

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