Whether you want to save a couple of bucks by performing a mod or upgrade yourself instead of paying a tech, or want to build your own piece of gear from scratch, I’m sure you will find something interesting here. The schematic is given below, and more info and troubleshooting tips can be found in the forum at runoffgroove. The added distraction was that PSW would tend to go off on wild tangents and long-winded posts that further clouded the development of the sustainer – too much talk, not enough action. It’s not sustaining the note as such but adding this cool little detail to the normal decay As you can see, there are only two things to really build here, an amplifier and a driver. I wanted to try making one of these but want it to fit nicely into my guitar if it works, so I tore the windings off of a a cheapo single coil with over sized pole pieces. It will be cheaper, easier, and less of a pain in the ass to buy one.

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Obviously at the extremes the difference is not useful information, however is there a sweet spot?

Galang Ws April 23, at 5: About an hour to make the bobbin, and about an hour to wrap the wire. You don’t have the read all the 46 pages sustsiner, just start from page 45, psw has given some good tips about a DIY sustainer in his last few posts I figured two pickups might look a little confusing.

I even connected the guitar to a pre amplifier that feeds the champ amp. I’ll install the piezo saddles on my fretted guitar first, then defret the sustalner, then start working on the sustainer.


The Awesome Power Of Rockets: A little DIY – How to make your own Sustainer

The article is right, even a small one will destroy a laptop disk drive. It’s barely edited, so I’m glad it makes at least some sense. Results 1 to 8 of I don’t see why dky, the LM has a ridiculous amount of gain. I get so concentrated to complete a work that, i feel quite empty after sustaiiner finished, not knowing what to do with all the free time Takes a few days to adapt back to real life: Keep the questions coming. There must be, and I’m surprised that after all that time the defacto ‘standard’ by PSW was always 0.

About turns came out to about 4. I was wondering if anyone who have built it could either try putting heavy distortion on it and dont mute the stirngs or if they’ve alreayd tried it tell me the results.

DIY sustainer

Community Forum Software by IP. Recent Posts New Build: Think of the driver as a cone-less speaker in the shape of a guitar pickup that replaces your neck pickup.

Can’t say the same thing for frets though In a nutshell, sustainer works exactly the opposite from a regular guitar pickup. If it doesn’t do sustqiner, try reversing the speaker wires as there may be a humbucking effect.

And welcome Pete, congrats on the sustainer, looks the business. I’m happy to answer any questions via the blog, so that others may learn as well.

DIY sustainer – Materials, electronics and plug ins – Unfretted Forum

There’s a lot to explore with those clean sounds The edgyness you hear may be the fact that the notes will dly to the limit of the drive setting which was maxed out and the volume control limitation.


The idea of the device is to not change the tone or function of the guitar so, if your sound is a super-saturated-out-of-control-distorted-feedback-frenzy-wall-of-sound-a-thon, and that’s what you dial up, that’s what you’ll get!!!

Finally ordering the shstainer to build one.

The bridge pickup feeds your guitar amp and the sustainer circuit. Taking the resistance of copper into account, we can calculate that we need around This is intended to be an organized description of how Sustziner built a guitar sustainer that infinitely sustains the vibration of the string at least until the battery runs out.

Many ideas were thrown around to try and combat the deficiencies in the basic design poor note selectivity, feedback between driver and pickups, high amounts of interference and noise etcbut to my knowledge there wasn’t an awful lot of success. The installation has shown up a few “quirks” but, with the right settings, I’m getting fantastic performance on all strings and both sustaining modes The closer it is to the string, the stronger it will affect them.

They are brittle, but powerful There are far better ways of doing it now.

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