Stumbled across this page after a bit of searching: I have tested equals with friends in Live, Nuendo and sequencers in Windows Vista and Seven, each time no worries. Good morning, John, Thank you for your valuable conseils. And for testing a bit driver, which I have not yet done. Once booted in, do the driver update as normal by selecting the non working device in device manager and updating the driver… choosing manually the location of your edited and renamed. I have an Edirol UM — 2 without switch and am using Win10 32bit.

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Installing the driver does not work as plugging the Edirol is not recognised.

After starting windows this time try installing the driver per the instructions in your blog. Very glad to hear this, Roger. Your computer will restart but will give you some options…. I finally found something on another screen that allowed me to update the driver, and it looks like it is working. It is work well, so thanks very mutch for your great help! For those who have a significant distance between their MIDI and their computer equipment: Thank you very much worked for UM Now, a couple of weeks ago, it was necessary to re-install another, unrelated, old driver to overcome a Windows upgrade mess Open GL 2.


Your Windows machine should automatically open a.

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I might be doing something wrong but I have no idea to what. I will do it again and I would say if it works you. Thanks for posting this mod.

Edigol of me wants to boycott Roland for their unwillingness to keep current drivers for this product. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The machine has not been rebooted since, so it would not have gotten enabled again, would it?

I have tried uninstalling the driver and installing it again, turning on and off the advanced driver switch, as well as disabling the driver signature setting.

Thank you for the information. Very kind of you to tell me you have solved the problem. Last time I tried my edirol it said No to win10 -I nearly threw it in the trash!

I am sorry, but I do not have a UM-2 to test. Please be as detailed as you can with all error reports. Roland have abandoned their driver support jm-1 this perfectly sensible piece of kit. I have an Edirol UM — 2 without switch and am using Win10 32bit.


I heard back from Roland. Si prega di eliminare il driver, regolare questo interruttore, e quindi reinstallare il driver.

Make the Edirol or Roland UM-1 and UM-1X work on Windows 10

Time to migrate to Cubase. Many many thanks for this info and detailed guiding to install UM1x for windows 10!! INF file were saved, and they were. It looks like your advice has been widely appreciated.

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Es funktioniert auch in Deutschland…. Man if i ever umm-1 out with my album the thank yous list is going to be so long lol. I ve done this now as mentioned but not been lucky. But if my driver disappears again, I might give that a try and see what happens.

I used the UM-1 driver for Windows 8 downloaded from Roland.

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