Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Try the throughput with both devices connected with network cables to the DSL gateway no wireless. You should be able to do significantly more than Mbps, so if not then look for the problem on one of the computers. The DSL device may be your bottleneck; just because a device has BaseT or Gig ports, doesn’t mean it can switch that much traffic. Option 1 is cheap solution.

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So, internet via WiFi and local file transfers via Gigabit Ethernet. As I engenis faster file transfers, I have the following options. If there is one out there, especially It is just enough for internet browsing and video streaming, not for file transfers. Email Required, but never shown.

Option 3 seems perfect but it is more expensive. My vote is option 2. And it has Mbps Ethernet ports. The wireless speed is labelled as Mbps and it is not having any antenna. Now, I wish I could have fast file transfers between the PC and laptop.

EnGenius EUB9801

From there, I would attempt to ejb600 how capable the DSL device might be. Sat Aug 22, 8: If the WiFi is configured correctly and you are in a relatively clean wireless environment, you should be able to get much better throughput. Thank you for the clarification. However, the problem you indicate can be caused by a large number of problems and choosing the right “fix” requires that you correctly identify the part or parts that are creating the problem.


Ultimately, if throughput is that important envenius you, you often can’t take the “cheap” route on hardware. Raspberry Pi’s got that covered!

YLearn 1, 6 Make sure you have quality parts end to end and you will generally be happier. I think the Mbps LAN is the bottleneck here.

Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Adapter(EUB600)

Also, I have a hard time recommending adapters that are too cheap as I have seen too many problems with very low priced adapters. The laptop has Gigabit Ethernet. Sign up using Email and Password.

A while back we wired our house with Cat 6 and put in Gigabit switches and routers. If you really meant MBps, then yes, the BaseT connection is the bottleneck 96 Mbps is about the best you will get from most Mbps links.

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If you are only concerned about the two devices and are okay with the crossover cable, then it sounds like you have a solution. If you unplug the laptop from the switch you can still use wifi if you just feel like roaming with the laptop. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Raspberry Pi as a dual-band travel router?

And my desktop only has Mbps Ethernet. From there, I would look at a new “dual band” router with Gig network ports. You can plug the laptop, pc and router into the switch and have fast file transfers.

EnGenius EUB – WikiDevi

Try the throughput with both devices connected with network cables to the DSL gateway no wireless. So long as you have reasonable expectations, you might achieve satisfactory results, but don’t expect it to offer high performance.

Now I got a better option. My desktop has obsolete hardware which limits the file transfer speed. Option 2 is good if i ditch WiFi.

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