Netflix subscribes have had a mixed reaction after the streaming service renewed a popular series for a seventh season. Variety Magazine reported on Tuesday (November 21) that Black Mirror would be returning for another series, after its sixth season aired earlier this year.

The hit show, created by British writer Charlie Brooker, had taken a four-year break before returning with five new episodes in June. Fans were excited to see the show return and, according to Netflix, it reached the Top 10 in 92 countries and spent four weeks in the streamer's global top 10 English-speaking TV.

However some slammed the new series - which prominently featured American characters over British ones. Many took a disliking to fourth episode Mazey Day, which had more of a supernatural theme than the usual futuristic trope.

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On social media, fans were divided by the show's return. In response to the news on Instagram, one fan wrote: "Season 7 better be better than season 6 because I want my time back fr" as a second commented: "Why tho? The last couple seasons have been mid."

A third reckoned: "The best shows usually don’t run for any more than 5 seasons, 6 at most" as a fourth said: "We need a stronger season than the last" and another demanded: "Please go back to the original writers and themes! This season wasn’t good".

Aaron Paul stars as Cliff in Black Mirror episode Beyond The Sea

One fan suggested: "Move away from it being US-based, get back to the gritty style" as another agreed: "show fell off when it became Americanized".

Others were excited for the show to come back. One fan said: "AS IT SHOULD" as a second wrote: "Ughhhhhh yesssssss thank you". A third commented: "So excited". A fourth said: "I never want this show to end".

Another added: "I mean how can Netflix even consider cancelling this show, its too good" as one fan said: "Keep bringing infinite seasons... love it".

Variety reported that no casting news had yet been confirmed for Black Mirror's seventh season, but the show is understood to begin production later this year. Brooker, Annabel Jones and Jessica Rhoades are believed to be returning as executive producers.

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Season six was made up of five episodes and featured a number of A-listers including Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy in Joan Is Awful and Aaron Paul and Josh Hartnett in Beyond The Sea.

The first two series of Black Mirror initially aired on Channel 4 in 2011 and 2013. The programme was then acquired by Netflix, where four further series aired in 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2023.

All six seasons of Black Mirror are available to stream now on Netflix.