Jason Edmonds Crossville Tennessee j. Here is what I have: I ordered 6 thru PW and have played with them for about 2 months now. I figured for the price, I might as well give them a shot. My recommendation is to try one or two of these clubs awhile to find what suits you best. I was looking for a set to replace my 4 year old set of Taylor Made irons.

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GigaGolf wants you to be happy with your clubs and play better golf. Delivered to my door in Melbourne, AUS is quick time.

My distance is about the same from my other 5 iron but i must say that “feel”, while subjective, is very good. gibagolf

They don’t have the big, brand-name backing, but don’t let that fool you. First, it allows most of the clubhead mass to be concentrated around the perimeter of the iron head creating a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness. These are quality clubs, and they perform!

Gigagolf P2 Fairway Fairway Wood – Reviews, Ratings, Pictures, Details.

They turned gigqgolf hook into a gentle draw and were dead straight on shorter irons. Thanks for making playing golf more enjoyable. This creates higher, straighter golf shots. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


The lofts are different than the clubs I replaced so I expected the distances to be about a club short iron for iron.

The quality of the clubs is better than the Cobras and Pings I have owned in the past. Unless gigagol are a hobbyist club maker, you wouldn’t have the equipment of knowledge to do so.

I’m very happy and plan to purchase a driver from GG soon. We would be happy to put graphite in those if you would like to go back. I can’t say enough about these clubs. You have completed the online club building process. Probably so, and that’s why I am probably just venting here and you will never see this comment in unedited form. Gigagolf is the best kept secret in fitted golf clubs. My best friend plays Ping Rapture Irons and he couldn’t tell a difference between These and his!

Power Max GX Diamonds Series

Why is choosing the correct shaft type and flex important? Changing length, shaft, or grip options may change swingweights.

Gigagopf, my wife got them as an early birthday gift. I purchased a set of these irons in March of this year. I also sent a club back and your were very business like, I used to buy from another on-line company, when I returned a club the rep went crazy.


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Even better players are rarely able to tell a difference. I will continue to return to GigaGolf for my clubs in the future. I went for steel shafts for more control but if you can not hit the club control does not factor in. Since buying these clubs I’m consistently arounddown from and it’s not uncommon for me to break I really like the C9 irons.

Also, when I open the box some of the clubs had some types of stain on the club face. I’ve been playing with Gigagolf clubs for many years now. I am an 11 HC and use these irons as good as, or better than any I have tried.

The feel when making contact was amazing with gigatolf graphite shafts.

GigaGolf P2 Hybrid

Our swing robot tests have demonstrated a significant loss of distance and accuracy when the lie angle gigaholf not correct. Most golfers can improve their scores and enjoyment of the game with a new set of clubs. My playing partners often ask what brand of clubs that I play with and I just smile and say a custom club maker in the US.

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