Each of the clubs were built with the stock lofts and shafts — M2 I started with the iron because… how often do you get to hit a club stamped with an 11? The cobra bio cell driver succeeds the cobra amp cell driver and is a refinement of the ideas introduced in the previous model the bio cell features a similar adjustable hosel, but now the myfly8 system has an extra 2 settings bringing the total lofts options up to, you guessed it, eight. Very subtle transitions and beautiful lines. Your email address will not be published. It is a made for version, but it is a pretty good version.

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Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums. Truly effortless power on center strikes. Cobra golf drivers king ltd drivers, king f8 drivers, max.

The cobra amp cell comes in both right and left handed models with myfly technology which allows any driver you purchase to be adjusted from 8. Multi-alloy design strategically positions weight to provide distance on long irons and consistent short irons. They will be called cobra amp cell pro and will be forged according to my local golf store.

For Testing Threads, the process a bit more involved. Zak Kozuchowski Oct 15, at Now when you take the mass away from the sweet spot and move all that weight away you sacrifice feel. We may be in the off-season, but over the last seven days, there has still been plenty of action from Shorter than the M2 though not short and a little lower ball flight. You can look all over the Net for golf tips. I would have to pick one up to see which is which.


The M1 7-iron is visually appealing to me as far as the finish and overall look. Better players will gravitate towards clubs like the amp cell pro and king forged cb.

First Look: Cobra AMP Cell Irons – GolfWRX

The feel off the face of the M2 just turned me off, to be honest. Havent tried the bio cell just because cobra isnt on my radar anymore. As the largest online golf community we continue to protect the purity of our golfwxr opinions and the platform cobrq voice them. I don’t think I’ve ever swung a driver that refused to find the rough I was hitting Jason Day moonbombs with this bad boy.

I was surprised that the M2 was the winner in this brief session. Smith Jul 27, at 9: Disappointing cobfa i purchased the driver less than a year ago and they dont bother to list it.

Cobra amp cell pro driver golfwrx gear

For Giveaways — we give away everything from golf clubs to golf balls to GPS units — all it takes is a forum name. I hit these at Golfsmith in Livingston NJ about a week ago and was shocked. Equipment 2 weeks ago.


Its not a bad driver, but its nowhere near the performance of their latest stuff. Honma built a iron set, standard length, 0.

Cobra AMP Cell Pro Driver: The Ultimate Review – Equipment – GolfWRX

Equipment 4 weeks ago. I really want this when it comes out but i am unsure about the basic cell or the cell pro driver, i prefer a draw setting on a driver head though, but prefer a lower loft such golfwxr 7.

It retained the smart pad tech from last year to offer a highly adjustable one driver package. While the spin looks a little low, on the course I had no issues stopping the ball on approach shots. Directvtechguy, on 30 October – The 9-iron had the biggest gap, but the TWVs is also 2 degrees stronger.

It is not a pear shape like a Nike VR Ltd. I don’t have one!!

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