This is the moment an 'idiotic' Audi driver speeds along residential roads ahead of a devastating crash that killed a much-loved gran - a retired nurse who dedicated her life to helping others.

CCTV footage of Trent Simm behind the wheel has been released by Greater Manchester Police as the family of Doris Bridgehouse, 82, spoke out to slam his 'irresponsible and inexcusable' driving.

A court heard Simm, 25, was driving at 118mph in a 30mph zone just moments before the head-on smash in Littleborough, Rochdale, which also badly injured Doris' daughter, Amanda, 56, and her grandson, Amanda's son Max, 22.

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Simm, 25, of Edenfield Road, Rochdale, lost control of his Audi S3 on the A58 Halifax Road and smashed into a Kia being driven by Doris.

A court was told such was the force of the horrifying crash, which police believed happened at a speed in excess of 88mph, the wreckage of the Kia was pushed back 25 metres. After the crash Simm phoned his mother and said: "I think I have messed up here."

The wreckage of the smash that killed Dot Bridgehouse in Littleborough

Shortly before smash, other drivers observed Simm, who was taking a friend home, 'flying past at 70 or 80mph' on the 30mph road, Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court was told. Prosecutor Justin Hayhoe said data suggested he was travelling even faster before the crash.

"The speed five seconds before the collision was at 118mph in a 30mph," he told the court.

Simm top right in his speeding Audi

"The defendant was in the opposing carriageway and lost control of the vehicle and came into collision with Dot Bridgehouse's car. The force was such it pushed the Kia back 25 metres. The Audi rotated and crashed into a brick wall."

The footage released today shows Simm speeding past homes. Doris' Kia can be seen driving along the road before the Audi's headlights appear as Simm speeds around the bend.

The moment before the collision

Simm was jailed last week for seven years and four months for causing Doris' death by dangerous driving and two counts of causing serious injury to Amanda and Max.

Jailing him Judge Neil Usher said: "You knew the danger of driving at those speeds. Now two families' lives have been devastated. From everything I have read about you I am satisfied you now understand all these consequences are your responsibility."

Amanda and Max spoke out today to mark Road Safety Week, a nationwide campaign focusing on raising awareness and the prevention of accidents.

Trent Simm

They revealed Dot was a nurse in Tameside and Oldham for more than 25 years - dedicating her life to helping others - as they revealed treasured family album photographs of her at work decades ago.

Amanda, also a nurse, only returned to work part-time in January.

"My memories of the crash are quite vague because I suffered a serious head injury," she said. "We had a lovely day at Salford University, celebrating the end of my son's degree, and were driving home along a familiar road in Littleborough.

Doris Bridgehouse

"I remember a junction before the accident but recall very little of the crash apart from the sound of metal on metal and didn’t wake up properly until around July. I feel angry – his [Simm's] behaviour was irresponsible and inexcusable. Mum didn't stand a chance - his unforgivable actions have left a gap in our family that can never be filled.

"When I learned to drive when I was 17 my dad said to me 'always remember that you are in charge of a lethal weapon'. Driving at irresponsible and dangerous speeds is thoughtless and careless. It kills and ruins lives.

"Actions have consequences and if you are going to take those risks, then you must be prepared to take the consequences. Hopefully speaking out will make drivers think again if they intend to drive at speed and if we can save one life, then that is a fitting tribute to my mum."

Max added: "I remember getting out of the car and seeing people starting to flood onto the street. The emergency services arrived, and I remember feeling totally helpless and had no idea what to do. It was horrifying; you never expect something like that to happen.

"To drive at speeds like that, speeds of over 100mph, is inexcusable. I don't care if you don't have the intent to go out there and kill someone, he’s chosen to drive like that and chosen to drive like an idiot.

"It's just not fair that he has done this to people driving at the speed limit. That night has left a big void in our lives and irreparable damage, and he deserves the time that he's going to have to spend in prison."