I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here fans were left stunned and flocked to social media as they were made aware of a surprise kiss that wasn't actually aired. The latest instalment of jungle action on Thursday night (November 23) saw the camp split into two teams.

To decide who was in what team, all ten celebrities were faced with a trial and joined hosts Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly at the 'Scarena'. Once thee they found out they were to take on the Locker Shocker Trial.

Ant explained: “This is Locker Shocker. The rules are very simple; you’ll each be placed inside one of the lockers in front of you. The first five to finish the Trial will form one team. The remaining five will form the other team. Inside each locker there are five stars locked to the bottom of the mesh.

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"What you have to do is, using the keys, you’ve got to unlock the stars and then move them up through the mesh maze and out and into the yellow collection slot. But, not every key works. When you’ve collected all five stars, all you’ve got to do is step outside of your locker." Dec added: “And be prepared, there might be a few surprises along the way."

Eventually, Jamie Lynn, Sam, Danielle, Nella and Fred were revealed as the five winners meaning the five losers were Nigel, Marvin, Nick, Josie and Grace. They were then seen being introduced to new arrivals Tony Bellew and Frankie Dettori who had to battle out to decide which team they'd 'coach'.

Winning the challenge put the Home camp, coached by new arrival champion jockey Frankie, in the lead in a race to win a luxury breakfast. Meanwhile, retired boxer Tony landed the Away team who were sent off to a secondary, basic, camp where they had to sleep on mats on the floor and pour cold water on one another for showers.

The campmates were split into two teams

Later, Nella and Fred volunteered from the Home team to take part in a challenge titled Slam Dunk’d while Nick and Marvin took it on for the Away camp. And it was Nella and Fred, following their fallout earlier in the week, who managed to shoot more hoops. As the main camp found out they won the challenge, they all rose from the log benches in celebration.

But after they settled down, it appears that one pair shared a kiss as a confused Jamie Lynn Spears asked: "Did I kiss somebody? Because I have repellent on my lips!" And it was Sam Thompson who proudly declared: "You did kiss me," whilst nodding his head in excitement.

Sam was quick to confess it was him

Jamie Lynn laughed off the encounter as she quipped: "Oh well, I guess I'll have to explain that to my husband." Fred, meanwhile, couldn't believe what he just heard while Jamie Lynn seemingly turned away as she blushed.

Even hosts Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly were left shocked as when the camera cut to them, Dec asked: "Did they kiss on the lips?" Referring to a previous joke about David Haye, Ant laughed: "Yes and they both have got partners!" before he jokingly added: "So that means they are now in a throuple!"

And I'm A Celeb fans flocked to social media to share their shock. @v33_escapes said: "Why did Jamie kiss him on the lips??? What is going on in this jungle? #ImACeleb." @brandonpxtter commented: "Jamie Lynn Kissed Sam Thompson! WHATTTTT #ImACeleb."

@Canine_gh0ul posted: "JAMIIE LYNN KISSED SAM!? WHAT I MISS #ImaCeleb." @xadxmx1 shared: "Where was I when Sam and Jamie Lynn kissed on the lips #ImACeleb." @chynnawebley laughed: "Wait in all that Jamie Lynn Spears and Sam Thompson somehow kissed? LOOOOL #ImaCeleb." @missgeorgialc added: "Why am I in hysterics that Jamie-Lyn and Sam accidentally happy kissed #ImaCeleb."