New pop musical I Should Be So Lucky had to be halted for 14 minutes at Manchester's Opera House theatre - after a disturbance involving audience members. Videos circulated on social media show a man waving his arms at the front of the theatre as security attempted to usher him out, after another person had already been escorted from the theatre.

Theatregoers reported "it's all kicking off" mid-way through the performance on Saturday, November 4. A tannoy urged the audience to "stay calm and remain in their seats" while the incident was dealt with, causing an extended pause to the show.

The musical is a world premiere production being staged in Manchester, featuring the legendary pop hits of producers Stock Aitken and Waterman. It features 80s and 90s classics from the likes of Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Rick Astley and Mel and Kim.

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Aussie pop princess Kylie also makes a guest appearance in the show - in virtual form as a magical fairy in a mirror. But at Saturday night's showing theatre-goers had drama off stage rather than on it.

Shortly after the performance of iconic Kylie and Jason track Especially For You in the second half of the musical, security were seen asking a woman to leave along with a man. But the man dashed back into the theatre.

Videos of the disruption show a man gesturing and shouting about his friend at the front of the stage. Cast had already been taken off stage while the incident was dealt with by staff.

The audience was heard shouting "get him out", and then whoooping and cheering as the front of house staff appeared to usher him out. Eye-witnesses say the man became more abusive as they tried to lead him out of the main theatre space, with one saying he was "kicking the doors and shouting".

One audience member, who asked not to be named, said: "It was in the second act when it all started kicking off. The show was stopped for what felt like half an hour. It was chaos.

Security are seen asking the man to leave at the front of stage in social media videos taken at the theatre

"The guy ran to the front AFTER being removed, he ran all the way past security and tried to address the audience shouting ‘My friend came here tonight...’ then all hell broke loose.

"They got him out of the doors and that’s when he really kicked off, kicking the doors and shouting. It was two men and a woman I saw removed.

"The whole audience were shouting (when he was at the front), but none of the audience were given any explanation as to what he was saying. The safety curtain came down and it then came over the speakers ‘can the audience all remain calm and in your seats’."

The witness added that the show itself remained "fabulous". They said: "After that the show continued, it was really good. And the cast were all fantastic they had everyone up at the end."

I Should Be So Lucky: The Stock Aitken and Waterman musical is having its world premiere run at Manchester Opera House

The Manchester Opera House and the producers of I Should Be So Lucky have said in a joint statement that disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated at any performance.

In the statement they said: “On Saturday 4th November there was a 14 minute show stop during the evening performance of I Should Be So Lucky to remove a couple of disruptive audience members.

"The audience members in question left the venue and the show continued as planned with the packed house having a great time.

"It is important to us that a visit to the theatre is a fantastic experience for all where everybody can fully enjoy the performance on stage. Anyone continuing to show a lack of consideration to their fellow audience members by being disruptive is asked to leave."

I Should Be So Lucky is at the historic Opera House for performances until November 25.