Support Duron CPU. Forums Hardware and Technology Motherboards. Fri Feb 14, 3: Support Thumb Drive Boot 2. Motherboard ports not working on new build Started by hockey71 Dec 8, Replies: That’s been my day’s computer experience.

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Fixed Morgan shows wrong string 3. Forums Hardware and Technology Motherboards.

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Fri Feb 14, 6: I had to enable it myself in the BIOS. Just finsihed putting together one of these systems last night.

Originally posted by redleader: Wed Feb 12, 1: Do it manually through Device Manager. Fixed Duron Morgan 1. I have been attempting to setup this board running WinXP Pro. Fri Feb 14, 5: Feb 15, Posts: Reviews and prices Started by happy medium Sep 18, Replies: Adjust timing for stability and compatibility 2. Thu Feb 13, 2: The problem I am having is that the labels on the cable,do not match the motherboard guide labels.


Unplugged the printer and re-installed the drivers and then the controller started working fine Oh, and don’t goto www. It allows you to select the following FSB combo’s: Mar 18, Posts: The manufacturer is not responsible for any BIOS flash failure.

This site uses cookies to only capture URL parameters, count visitor number, share functions and etc. After about 4 more hours I managed to get everything set up.

Do not update the BIOS if the system is running fine.

ECS > K7S5A (V)

The ecs board has extra pin connectors for that. Its over 18 months old. Use the Taiwain Site http: Google for them, worked for me. Thu Feb 13, 6: Adjust timing for stability and compatibility. Started by Perene Apr 6, Replies: It is recommended to use the updated flash utility ussb in each BIOS download package.

So it stays enabled all the time. Support Duron CPU. Support Thumb Drive Boot 2.


Remove Trend AntiVirus 5. Motherboard ports not working on new build.

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