Model got re-used, some model no. You can also start v4l-conf from a terminal and check the messages it prints. Make sure you post the findings of your investigations here and on the Linux-Media Mailing List so that bttv-cards. Retrieved from ” https: Decoder Interfaces Drivers Software.

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Brook Tree is the manufacturer of the bttv “family” of video capture chipsets. February 5th, 9. The cx88 driver September 29th, 3. This lijux has the side effect of not being able to take advantage of bus parking, thus lowering arbitration performance.

The Radiotrack radio driver The file is in the pvr45xxx. Bt and others but always in 2 crystal operation??? I’m not sure they all use BT8xx chips. Thus probably a small buglet left somewhere in bttv 0.

bttv-cards.c source code [linux/drivers/media/pci/bt8xx/bttv-cards.c] – Woboq Code Browser

The default is the maximum supported speed by kernel bitbang algorithm. The driver for the tea fader chip. Looks like some driver hacking is required. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.


If your board has one, you might have to load a helper module like msp This prevents a bus transaction from starting the same cycle as GNT is de-asserted. February 5th, Sometimes problems show up with bttv just because of the high load on the PCI bus. The cx18 driver Very nice card if you only have satellite TV but several tuners connected to the card via composite.

If you have problems with xawtv, you should open a xterm or whatever your favorite terminal app is and start xawtv from there.

Howto setup a bt TV Card. Make bttv work with your card 7.

Bttv – MythTV Official Wiki

The driver for the tda fader chip. The drivers are ridiculously buggy for this card.

Good, the overlay is working. The bt8xx chips have 32 general purpose pins, and registers to control these pins. If bttv takes very long to load happens sometimes with the cheap cards which linyx no tunertry adding this to your modules. This page was last modified on 28 Octoberat I have no idea where exactly, it works stable for me and a lot of other people. Default is native endian.


Linux Multimedia Hacks by Kyle Rankin

November 27th, 7. Hauppauge computer works Inc. Originally Posted by gtr It is the arbiters responsibility to allow this request to flow through to REQ and not allow the other request to hold REQ asserted.

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