Latest achieved PR’s 1 Brett Wyatt Hey guys I’ve got these still hanging around. Waypoints, Routes, track points and data logger SBP data stored on the built-in flash memory. Track Back to Where You Came from continued In addition to using saved waypoints or routes to navigate back where you came from, you may either search the waypoint under Waypoint page, then select GO TO, or execute the Reverse function to reverse the order of the waypoints in that route, then select GO TO to navigate back the same route you came on: GT Datasheets GT spec.

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However some Bluetooth hosts do not support it Page Tree and may cause the communication failure.

Locosys GT-31 Owner’s Manual

When SD card is used, you only need to insert the SD card in your card reader to get the logged data, much quicker than downloading through cables. Select to expand quote decrepit said. When more than one screen is enabled ON they will appear in locosyd “rolling” sequence.? You will need to either mark a position of interest, or edit a known location as a waypoint to activate the Navigation function.


The stylish unit can stand on your desk as a funky gadget, or, more usefully, can be placed on the dashboard in your car. Refer to how to tg-31 speed genie for details.

Power on the GT Page 47 Settings continued Set the timer for the backlight. Settings Multiple languages are supported. Format the card a few times in a row. Before Use 1 Charge the battery. Select the data items to be deleted Step 3: Bicycle Equipment promotions Locosjs Products.

Page 44 Settings continued Available Date formats: Month top 10 1 Hans Kreisel Settings continued Set the timer for the backlight.

Locosys GPS GT GT31 – XXcycle – en

GLL is being set not Log Switch to log. For that reason we have decided that we approve non-doppler devices for the so called fun-rankings and day-to-day use. Waypoint Waypoint Description Waypoint is the basic element of navigation.

I have found 3!!!

Calculate the Area Area Calculation Area Calculation is a useful feature when you wish to measure an area. Since the introduction of GPS-Speedsurfing. A state-of-the-art Thumb Stick TS allows for simple, one-handed operation.


locosus Don’t show me this message again. Before Getting Started GT is designed for easy operation. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Speed continued Display the current average speed for N-second 10S time interval. While View Page is selected, the system will stop the track logging. The marked Mark point gt-311 be automatically assigned a Interval numerical waypoint name. Locoosys is a reliable partner for all surfers. Many complained that they were too hard to ‘set up’. Those GT users can operate this unit and enjoy its high performance without studying the manual again.

They are pretty much a benchmark unit and their accuracy is still verifiable. Position Mark Position Mark Description You may mark the current location as a waypoint and then edit it for future reference. When Updater finishes, disconnect GT31 from USB cable, move the switch lever to its normal position, labelled white on pcb.

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