If the aperture’s made smaller than it has to be then you get lower light sensitivity in your camera, though, and many cheap fixed focus lenses are set up to give decent results on close subjects, at the cost of making everything in the distance blurry. The Lifeview software gives you a broader range of resolutions than the Logitech cameras can manage, if that matters to you. USB webcams have to compress the video they capture in some way, because they’ve got less than a megabyte per second of real data transfer bandwidth to play with. But the QuickCam Express can adjust itself properly. No one on this forum was able to help me so I had to figure it out for myself, and now I share my success with you in an as beginner-friendly way as possible.

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Anyway, realistically, for webcam capture resolutions, pretty much any fairly recent CPU should be fine.

Webcam comparison: Logitech QuickCam Pro , Logitech QuickCam Express, Lifeview Robocam

Software The Logitech QuickCam software’s pretty swish. It’s got a wider angle lens than the QuickCam Express but not as wide angle as the Pro ; the wider angle brings more distortion, though, and it’s got the washed-out look typical of lower quality webcams. Buy the QuickCam Pro and you get a generous 2. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

In my camera reviews, by the way, I usually take test shots of a colourful Hoberman sphere. Let the games commence!

Webcam comparison: Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000, Logitech QuickCam Express, Lifeview Robocam

The only cheap alternative to a manual focus lens like this, by the way, is a “focus-free” lens, which people who don’t work in marketing refer to as “fixed focus”. Its data cable also passes through the case with a neat little moulded-in ball joint, which lets it droop better than the clamped-in cable grommets the other cameras use.


The Robocam’s case halves are also pleasingly easy to separate, and the design of the camera makes it possible to look at the innards on the half shell, as it mandrivx.

Thanks to mwndriva webcam, any Internet user can now access washed-out, distorted, poorly-focussed pictures from pretty much every centre of population in the developed world.

All three of these webcams offer a standard tripod thread, which lets you screw them onto a much more solid mounting if you like. There’s no point in using resolutions above what the camera can actually deliver.

Since none of these cameras costs a fortune, and given the QuickCam Pro ‘s clear superiority in the normally lit indoor situations where webcams are normally used, it looks like the camera of choice for most people. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. When using the QuickCam Prothe software can compensate for the distortion created by the camera’s titchy little lens.

And there’s RealPlayerwhich is another free program.

HOWTO: Configure Logitech Quickcam pro ( pwc )

Find out how it works by typing: But it does have a shutter button, and by maximum resolution, and a nice price. They can often wind their gain up far enough to make at least an identifiable image, but it may still be dark, and it’ll be very grainy indeed.

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Configure Logitech Quickcam pro pwc. With the case removed, you can unscrew the lens from all three of these cameras and peer at the image sensor inside, but it’s not a great idea. Nasty video glitches at the bottom of the screen, and a mere 2.


Configure Logitech Quickcam pro pwc I followed the guide and now have working driver and not-so-nice picture. The Lifeview software gives you a broader range of resolutions than the Logitech cameras can manage, if that matters to you.

On with the manxriva indirect lighting Find More Posts by jmynkbht. It is time for my first howto and it will teach you how to configure your Logitech Quickcam pro webcam or quite possibly any webcam using the Philips pwc module.

Webcam lenses all mandgiva such a small aperture that they get lots of depth of field, so fixed focus, where the lens is meant to be set for perfect focus at some “typical” distance, can work decently well.

You can grab stills and video, and you can change camera settings, and you can tweak captured images, and that’s pretty much it. Here’s the by results again, lkgitech for the full thing from the same camera in the same light. Not bad for the money. I tested the webcams on a Win98 box powered by a mere MHz Athlon. You can go up to by with the Express if you want, but the results are ugly logltech the software’s just multiplying pixels to make up for the low sensor resolution.

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