The big day is finally here. The Manchester Christmas Markets are back for 2023 with the bratwurst sizzling away and the mulled wine being poured into festive mugs as we speak. Visitors can expect all the familiar sights and sounds of the annual markets, which are open from today (November 10) until Thursday, December 21.

As many will agree, the Manchester Christmas Markets wouldn't be what they are without their impressive array of food and drinks options. There's a wealth of choice across all nine different zones, from gluhwein and bratwurst to steins and crepes covered in chocolate sauce and toppings from some of Manchester's favourite food and drink businesses including Porky Pig, Yard and Coop and The Witch House, amongst others.

We've travelled across the city centre, from Piccadilly Gardens to King Street - and back again - to find all the prices you can expect to pay for your sausages, gluhwein and beer, plus whatever sweet treats you might fancy. And don't forget to factor in the £3.50 Christmas mug deposit scheme when you purchase your hot drinks around the markets - this is refundable with the return of the mug, although you might want to keep it as a nice memento of the markets.

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This year there will be over 200 of the ski chalet stalls taking residence across the city's streets so you might also want to check out our Manchester Christmas Markets map and guide to all the locations here, and scan through our list of traders so you make a note of where to visit during the markets run. Below you'll find a full run down of all the prices at each of the nine zones across Manchester Christmas Markets for 2023.

Piccadilly Gardens

The "Winter Gardens" at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester City Centre

The Windmill

Krombacher lager £6.50, Yon Lager £6, black beer £6, wheat beer £6.50, Sheppy’s cider £5.50, mulled wine £5.50, hot chocolate £3.50, hot chocolate with a shot £5.50

Brooks Mill

Mulled wine £5.50, gingerbread gin regular £6, hot whisky regular is £6, hot spiced cider £6, gingerbread latte £4, caramel latte £4, tea £2, hot chocolate £3, spirits single £6 large £8, Prosecco £5.50, Baileys hot chocolate £6.50

Clowbecks Farmhouse Kitchen

Cumberland Sausage £7, Lancashire cheese potatoes £7, navy mushrooms £7, lager £6, mulled wine £5.50, water £2

The Pig & Barrel

Hot roast pork rolls £9, ice cold cans of pop £2, hot mulled wine or cider £5.50

The Flat Baker

Cinnamon rolls £5, pao de queijo £5, Brazilian mince pies (4) £6

Tipsy wheels

Lager £6, mulled wine £5.50, Christmas cocktails £8, hot chocolate £3.50, prosecco, £6.50, gin prosecco £8

Mr Crimble Crumble

Home made crumbles £5 for small, £7 for large choose your topping

Zara Cakes

£4 for cupcakes, old school cakes £3, full cake £17

Vegan Bratwurst

Plain bratwurst £7, cheesy bratwurst £8.50, katsu curry £8.50, chilli cheese bratwurst £9.50, fries £3.50, chilli cheese fries £6.50, soft drinks £3.60, red velvet cake £3.50, luxury oat hot chocolate, £4.75

The Dirty Chicken Co

Chicken burgers - Mad Mex £7.50, katsu Chicken and slow £7.50, strips and fries (three options) £8.50, cappuccino £3.50 latte £3.50 hot chocolate £3.50, dirty fries £5.50

Eat Greek

Chicken gyros pitta £10, lamb kofta pitta £10, halloumi pitta £10, halloumi fries £8, Greek fries £6, loaded fries £12


Scrambled pancake £6, Macaroon £2 each or 4 for £6


Handmade luxury churros with chocolate dripping sauce £7.50, luxury hot chocolate £3.50, chocolate orange hot chocolate £4.50, after 8 hot chocolate £4.50

Off-Piste Bar

Draught - off piste lager £6, alpine ale £6, Weisbien £6, red wine £5.50, white wine £5.50, Prosecco £6.50, winter Prosecco £8.50 add shimmer to Prosecco for £1, mulled wine £5/5.50, mulled plum cider ££5/5.50, Italian vin brûlée with disaronno £7.50, Nordic glogg £7.50, Canadian mulled wine with whiskey £8, French vin chaud £8

Spiced rum punch £8, hot apple gin-ale £8, single spirit mixer £6.50 double mixer £8.50, hot chocolate, £3.50, hot vimto£3

Dock 53 bar

Mulled gin £6.50, mulled cider £6, boozy hot chocolate £6, draught lagers from £5.40 to £5.70 for pints, hot cocktails £, Christmas cocktails £11, prosecco £5.20

Manchester Winter Ale House

Manchester pale ale £5.50, half is £3.00, bluff and bluster pint £5, half 2.50, Rumto or Ginto £5.50, cheeky vimto £7

Manchester Gin Bar

£6.50 single, £8.50 double, £9 cocktails

Pound Coin Bread

Original £6, castard, £7

Oi Dumplings

Dumpling bowls £8 regular, £12 large, peanut loaded fries £8.50, plain fries £5, chocolate dumplings £8

Alpine Desserts

Slutty brownie, nuts about cookies dough, absolutely cookie’d, loaded lotus, plain Jane, milkshakes, hot chocolates - luxury, mistletoe and mint, brownies - cookies and cream (prices TBC)

Amsterdam Frites

Dutch chicken £10, beef brisket with skin on fries £10, manc poutine £10, cheesy chips £8, fries and sauce regular £5.50, large £7

Bao buns

Fried chicken bao buns £9, with fries £12, sweet bao and ice cream £7

My French Kitchen

Garlic prawns £5 small or £8 large, garlic mushrooms £6 small or £9 large, garlic potatoes £6,

Triple B bagels

Grill melt bagel £8.50, Christmas Reuben bagel £9.50, fried Camembert bagel £8, pastrami burger £9.50, triple B cheeseburger £8.50, French fries £4, goofie fries £6

The Simple Greek

Greek gyros £10 small or £12 large, gyros plate £12, Greek salad £10, Belgian chips £5 small or £6 large

House of Wingz

Chicken wings £9, fries £3

Market Street

Macaroons and Melted Chocolate

Loaded hot chocolate from £4.50, coffee and tea from £3.50

Macaroons £2 each or 3 for £5

New Cathedral Street

Manchester Christmas Markets on New Cathedral Street in the city centre

Witch House
German Bratwurst £7.50, smoked sausage £7.50, cheese sausage £7.50, beef chilli frankfurter £7.50, Berlin Curry Wurst £8, hot punch with alcohol £6, non-alcoholic punch £2.50, German coffee £2 - £4 with rum, hot chocolate with cream £4.50 - £6 with alcohol, Gluhein £6, German lager £6 a pint, Bavarian Mass (one litre of German beer) £12, sparkling wine £6, white and red wine £5.50, soft drinks £2

Wrap up

Pedro's chicken £11, Herbie's Halloumi £11, chicken and halloumi £12, vegetarian 5 bean chilli £10.50, vegan 5 bean chilli £10.50, chilli beef £11, macho burrito £12


Parmo Butty £9, Brie & Bacon Butty £10, Pigs & Stuffing Butty £10, Classic Parmo & Chips £12, Christmas Parmo & Chips £13, loaded roasties £7

Cathedral Gardens

Manchester Christmas Markets have opened for business in Cathedral Gardens

De creperie

Dutch mini pancakes and Dutch sugar waffles:

- Choice of one topping £5: white chocolate, maple syrup, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, lemon

- Choice of one topping £6: bueno, pistachio, fizzy pop, biscoff, Nutella.

Extra toppings 50p

Warm Up at the Winter Bar

Liqueur coffee £6: Irish coffee, calypso coffee, Italian coffee, French coffee, navy coffee, Seville coffee. Christmas cocktails £9: The grinch, drumstick, Parma violet, caramel eggnog, winter snowflake, cranberry Kringle. Baileys hot chocolate (with brandy or amaretto)£6, Hot drinks £3.50: Latte, Cappuchino, americano, hot chocolate, mocha, espresso, macchiato, tea. Gin and tonic £6.50, Sparkling Prosecco £6.50

Exchange Square

Porky Pig

Yorkshire pudding wrap, jumbo piggy wrap and veggie Yorkshire pudding wrap all £8.50, special Yorkshire pudding wrap £9, hog roast and carvery meat bam £7, baguette £8, special three meat baguette £8, giant carvery box £12, gluten free carvery box £9, vegan box £9, meat tatty's £9, Christmas crackers: battered pigs in blankets £8.50, scalloped potatoes £7 and dippy pots £2

The Mill Exchange

Mulled wine: rum and mango, gin and cherry, strawberry amaretto, English classic, blackberry and apple, Cointreau and passion fruit - all £6 for small, £8 for large. Cocktails £10, hot cocktails £8-8.50, prosecco £6.50, liquor hot chocolate and coffee all £7.50, non-alcoholic mulled wine £5-7, Nosecco £5.50, filter coffee £2.50, hot chocolate £3.50

De creperie

Dutch mini pancakes and Dutch sugar waffles:

- Choice of one topping £5: white chocolate, maple syrup, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, lemon

- Choice of one topping £6: bueno, pistachio, fizzy pop, biscoff, Nutella.

Extra toppings 50p

Clarkes Bar

Hot chocolate £4.50, S’mores hot chocolate £6, Vegan luxury hot chocolate £5, S’mores hot chocolate £6 (add liquor £9.50), Coffee £3.50, Tea £2.50, Liquor hot chocolate/coffee £8, Signature cocktails £9: Santa martini, cherry and gingerbread daiquiri, candy cane cosmopolitan, xmasesso martini £10

Doner Haute

The doner kebab £8, Doner teller £8, Mixed chilli doner £8, Halloumi fries £8

King Street - JC

The Manchester Christmas Markets on King Street

The Greek

Chicken Gyros Pitta £10, Lamb Kofta £10, Halloumi Pitta £10, Jack Fruit £10, Halloumi Fries £8, Greek Fries £6, Loaded Fries £12

Handmade Fudge

Pick n Mix - £3.50 per 100g

Ballaro Siciliano Street Food

Arancini £5, Coppo Misto £6, Sourdough pizza slices - from £3.50, Drinks from £1.50

Waffle Kart

Chicken and Waffles £13.50, Chilli Crisp Chicken Sandwich £11, Waffle Prawn Toast £12, Chicken Loaded Waffle Fries £10, Waffle Fries £6, Dips £1.50, Soft drinks from £2

El Gato

Chorizo sandwhich £8, Goats cheese sandwhich £8, Combo offer of any sandwich, any bravas and pint of mulled wine £16.50, Patatas bravas £6, Build your own bravas £5 plus toppings for £1 extra per topping, Mulled wine £6, Prosecco £6, Victoria Malaga pint £6, Soft drinks £2.50, Mulled cider £6, Add 25ml spirit for £2

La Cuisine Provençale

Garlic mushrooms £6.50 for regular £8.50 large, Chicken with garlic potatoes of rice £7.50 regular and £9.50 large, Mustard chicken £7.50 reg and £9.50 large, Garlic potatoes £5 reg and large £7

The Grumpy Moose bar

Prices TBC

King Street Craft Bar

Mulled wines, sparking wines and seasonal hot drinks: Prices TBC

Exchange Street

Burgers and bangers

Beef and bacon £9, blu lamb £9, Big banger £9, Blu Beef £9, Sides: Skin on fries £4, Loaded fries from £7.50, Drinks: Soft drinks from £2, Mulled gin, rum and fig £6 for regular, £7.50 for large

Mama Mia!

Pizza a taglio £6.50, Lasagna alla bolognese £9, Peroni £3.50 / £6, Prosecco £6.50, Vin Brûlée £5.50, Rose £6.50, Prosecco Aperol £6.50, Bellini £8, Rossini £8

St Ann's Square

Bratwurst stand

Half metre bratwurst in a big roll £7, Big Dutch chips with any sauce £4.50

Yard & Coop

Chicken in Cone £6.50, OG Tenders, Fries and Sauce £10, Buff Boy Tray £11, Salt n Pepper Tray £11, Dirty Santa Tray £11, Buff Daddy Burger £13

Fresh paella

Paella will change but chicken and pork. Today and meatball special coming up plus veggies coming up: Small £8, Medium £9, Large £10

Large beer and wine tent

Pint £6 plus £2 deposit, Half ping £3.50 plus £2 deposit, Mulled wine TBC

Kaiserchmarr’n scrambled pancake stand

Served with Apple compote £6, Served with plum compote £6

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