Print layout Print layout capabilities are significantly enhanced in the Edition. If you do not set the configuration variable, the default is the Method setting in the Scale Assistant dialog box. Look for more discussion of design script application in Part II of this series. In addition, security options exist for specifying a password to open, print, or change the PDF. Here are some of the more significant enhancements: A special syntax applies to these options.

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On the second level, you’ll see each directly attached reference, each level in the master file, and each raster image attached to the master file. You can also drag-and-drop in the list box in the Batch Print dialog box to change the order of prints in your job set. Please send any technical comments or questions to our webmaster. You need to subsitute the name of your chosen print microstqtion file and print style name.

A First, consult MicroStation help.

The master DGN file is listed by itself in the top level of the hierarchy listing. The bottom level lists levels and raster images for the most deeply nested reference s.

A keyin is something that you type into MicroStation’s keyin dialog. Modify sheet properties as desired before exporting the sheets to PDF. In this case, the tiff driver is selected. Solid lines get broken, or what looked like solid black lines when zoomed out are inundated with varying gray shaded pixels that make it hard to follow the actual features.


Layers do not show on pdf plot

I’ve also hard-wired the DGN file names, which you must replace with your own file names. How can I find what keyins are mirostation for the Print Organizer?

It uses another helper function, FindFileto find a file in a location specified by a configuration variable. Here are some of the more significant enhancements:. It lets you define a print style that groups your settings into one file.

Or click the Select Plotter Driver icon to the right of the option menu. Q How can I find what keyins are available?

Recent Posts Sign up now: The many printing enhancements in the Edition aside from PDF support are summarized in the following sections. SendKeyin “print colormode color” CadInputQueue.

MicroStation: Printing with VBA

Let’s select two of the four sheets and modify their properties to define PDF bookmarks, links, and signature fields figure 3. MicroStation’s PDF capabilities are among the plt comprehensive in the industry. You have the option to set the vector color mode — monochrome, gray-scale, or color — in a display specification.

You can modify properties of individual sheets or the entire set. When creating PDF documents from MicroStation, you can apply predefined settings, such as sheet size, mirostation definition, and design script application to drawings as you bring them into the Composer interface figure 2.


In her easy-to-follow, friendly style, long-time Cadalyst contributing editor Lynn Allen guides you through a new feature or time-saving trick in every episode of her popular AutoCAD Video Tips. The file is named “pdf. That can be used in conjunction with a print style you define in a dgnlib that sets the print definition properties according to your standards. In many cases configuration variables exist that enable you to customize printing capabilities and even to completely negate the Edition printing enhancements.

Printing Enhancements

Here are some of the more significant enhancements: For example, when zooming in on a scanned V8l document attached in Raster Manager you get something like this, or worse.

In this case a bookmark is generated for each page by default. If you select this option, you can specify the name of the file.

Look for more discussion of design script application in Part II of this series. MicroStation V8 Edition introduces comprehensive Adobe PDF capabilities that enable you to share files more confidently than ever before. There is a submenu for inserting document set variables published from the Batch Print mkcrostation.

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