A money-saving Brit managed to go on a day-trip to Romania for only £32.

Rebecca Kellet, 37, flew from Liverpool John Lennon Airport with her best friend Sam Martin, 34, at 10am on November 19, 2023 and landed at Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest, Romania. The pair headed to their hotel which only cost them £40.

After visiting a few bars, they headed to the Therme Spa in Bucharest which was as cheap at £25.85. Overall, the trip cost the pair £97.85 each, which they claim was £100 cheaper than their usual spa day back in the UK.

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Rebecca, a gift company business owner, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, said: "Every year for Sam's birthday I always arrange a spa day. I usually take her to a place in Preston but their prices have gone up recently and they have changed the rules so you don't get as long in the spa.

"I saw the spa in Romania and found cheap flights. As it fell on a Sunday you can get away with only taking one-day annual leave."

She added: "The cost was incredible and the fact that it is a full one-day holiday. You check in the spa at 10am and you can stay until 11pm.

"Usually when you go to a spa you can only get a few hours and here you have the whole day."

How much Rebecca's holiday cost in total
  • Flight to and from Romania - £32 each
  • Arrival at the hotel - £40 each for two nights
  • Spa day - £25.85 each