Mysterious signs have been popping up across the city centre teasing the arrival of a ‘life-changing’ brunch in Manchester - allegedly endorsed by a bunch of celebrities. The signs were first spotted over the weekend, with a poster on a pillar by the Manchester Christmas Markets in Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday teasing a breakfast venue ‘opening soon’.

It featured a quote claimed to be from a ‘J Oliver’. Whether it's Jamie, Jools or someone else with similar initials remains unknown.

The quote, from the aforementioned ‘J Oliver’, reads: "It's going to be the most sought after breakfast in the city." High praise if it really is from renowned chef Jamie, but not so much if it’s from Jenny Oliver from down the road (no offence, Jenny).

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Since then, posters featuring other ‘famous’ quotes have appeared on Carpenters Lane in the Northern Quarter, featuring the likes of a ‘J Rayner’, a ‘C. Winkleman’ and simply ‘Nigella’. The quote from the ‘J. Rayner’ says: “If there’s such a thing as a life-changing brunch, then this is it”. A ‘H Styles’, meanwhile, says: “A fry up like no other”.

Another poster featured a quote from ‘Nigella’ saying: “I’m not one for hype but this is more than just a brekkie.” The alleged 'C Winkleman' says: "The most essential breakfast I've ever laid eyes on," whilst a 'G Neville' says: "The most in-demand brunch spot is coming to town".

The Manchester Evening News has approached a number of PRs behind some of the biggest restaurants and venues across Greater Manchester to see if they know anything about the teased breakfast. They all had no idea who was behind it - or what it was all about.

We also reached out to a number of representatives for some of the celebrities in the posters to see if they could shed any light on the mystery but we got no response.

Surely, it won’t be the last time we see these posters so it’s only a matter of time until the true identity behind this so-claimed ‘most sought after’ breakfast reveals themselves - get your theories in now.

In the meantime, a number of venues have actually opened up recently across Greater Manchester. There's the 'jaw-dropping' Greek restaurant Fenix, a musical-inspired diner near the Trafford Centre, and a cosy Winter tavern tucked inside a historic pub.