A successful business empire. A devoted wife. Four doting children.

Lawrence Jones had everything, it seemed. Beneath it all, there was a dark secret.

In his mid 20s, he lived in an apartment off Regent Road in Salford. At that flat, he 'stupefied' two women with an unknown drug before raping them.

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Years later, Jones strutted around the UKFast office in Hulme, surveying his kingdom. Colleagues didn't know he was a rapist who hadn't faced justice.

On Thursday (November 23), a jury convicted him of two counts of rape following the separate incidents in the early 1990s. A decade after those attacks, he would commit sexual assault.

Jones was found guilty in relation to that incident in January. That conviction can only now be revealed following the decision of jurors in the more recent trial.

Lawrence Jones at UKFast

The first jury heard the founder of the Manchester tech company appeared confident, outgoing and friendly with staff. 'Beer Fridays', office games and trips away to his ski chalet were reserved for his closest employees, who he deemed 'friends'.

There was another, deeply uncomfortable, side to Jones' friendly banter. His hiring of young people, particularly young women, appeared to reveal a sinister truth.

The prosecution in the first trial alleged Jones 'behaved in a grooming and predatory way towards attractive young women'. He used his position as a boss to 'get what he wanted', the court heard.

He would build women up, flatter them and tell them how 'hot' they were, before making advances, the court heard. If they didn't react in the way he wanted, he told them they were 'uptight' and that they needed to 'relax'.

One witness, asked about the kind of staff he employed, told the jury: "A mix. Very confident, beautiful young women. Very beautiful women [who were] perhaps less confident, and some who were easily led, I would say."

Another witness described how she got on with Jones, but said he made her feel 'uncomfortable' when he would approach her from behind and rub her shoulders.

Lawrence Jones

Another woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, went for a walk with Jones one day and sat down with him on a park bench. He tried to get her to lie on him with her head on his shoulder. She didn't feel comfortable and refused, only for Jones to tell her to 'relax', accusing her of being 'closed off'.

She said he would put his arm around her, or on her leg. When she made it clear she was uncomfortable, Jones accused her of being uptight. Prosecutors said it was an 'abuse of his position of power'.

Jones' intentions became clear during a business trip. Jones, the court heard, messaged the woman: "You can be a bit more casual, but you need to look hot... a short skirt to show your legs off."

After persuading her to go back to his penthouse suite after an event, he sat 'uncomfortably' close and tried to put his arm around the woman, in an attempt to 'cuddle' her. She pushed Jones away and told him she didn't want to. He ignored her and things escalated.

Jones touched her legs and said: "Let me see your knickers."

"He was forceful and starting trying to prise her legs apart," prosecutors said. The woman desperately tried to pull her dress down while struggling. She eventually managed to get away.

The next morning, working up the courage to leave her adjoining room, she was confronted with Jones' aloof attitude. He was 'cold' and rude, instead suggesting she was being arrogant towards him.

Lawrence Jones at his flat in Salford in and 1990s

His domineering behaviour continued. After returning home, the woman told her parents what had happened. Jones was aware she wasn't happy and repeatedly messaged and called her, the court heard.

In one message, he said: "You are a superstar... can you give me a call back please." Prosecutors said Jones knew exactly what he had done and wanted to see how she was reacting.

It was later suggested to the woman, jurors heard, she had 'overreacted to a joke'.

Jones denied the assault happened, instead suggesting the woman had been flirtatious with him and was 'trouble'. He claimed he was 'unimpressed' with her because she was 'drunk and unprofessional'.

At his trial, he said the earlier message to her looking 'hot' was 'stupid phrasing' and that he simply mirrored her thoughts about her outfit. "I can see it was inappropriate," Jones told jurors.

Lawrence Jones when he was boss of UKFast

He claimed that after going back to the room, she was sat 'frog-legged' exposing her underwear, to which he said: "You might want to consider sitting a different way because you're wearing a short dress."

Jones admitted being 'a bit blunt' and said she looked taken aback. He denied touching her thigh.

He said he was 'pretty miffed' when the woman refused to answer his calls or messages after the incident, saying he would 'absolutely not stop' if he didn't get an answer. "Her story was made up - I thought it was really unfair," Jones told the court.

An ex-employee said Jones had a 'mixture of confident and beautiful women around him', some of whom were 'perhaps more easily led'. She claimed he told her to not have regular sexual intercourse, but instead have anal sex, as he 'didn't want another woman getting pregnant'.

Jurors convicted him of sexual assault against the woman in January. He was cleared of three counts of sexual assault and one count of rape against another woman, who described him as a 'master puppeteer'.

Following his conviction of sexual assault in January, Jones was remanded into custody, where he remained for 10 months. At a second trial this month, he was convicted of drugging and raping two other women at his flat in Salford in the 1990s.

He awaits sentence in prison - a world away from his career as a multi-millionaire businessman.