Tommy Fury admits he will find it tough to return to conventional boxing in an era of 'crossover' exhibitions.

The brother of highly-acclaimed fighter Tyson Fury has had success and exposure in fights against YouTube stars Jake Paul and KSI. But the former Love Island contestant is now debating whether or not to make a return to professional boxing after initially wanting to "put an end" to influencer boxing.

He told the Daily Mail: “I don’t recall this happening before, where champions are wanting to fight people that are right at the bottom of the pecking order. I’m just happy to be in this position, obviously we all know why he would take that fight but I am going to make the most off of the crossover scene while it is here.

“Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s a lot better financially than conventional boxing, the money that these fights are generating, conventional boxers will never see in their careers. I’m sure Jai Opetaia can box and win all the belts, but it wouldn’t accumulate to a fraction of what these crossover fights can generate."

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Although he is enjoying the crossover fights, the 24-year-old admits he still dreams of ascending the boxing rankings. He believes in his ability to win professional boxing titles.

"I’m definitely going to make the most of it whilst it is here, but at the end of the day the plan will always be to challenge for that top strap (title). I wouldn’t feel right in myself, leaving the sport, if I had not challenged or even tried to win the world title and I do believe that I will win one because I have seen far worse people win one.

“I’m going to make the most off of the crossover scene and when all that is said and done, I will challenge the top boys and we will see how we go.”