Boxing judge Juan Carlos Pelayo has been criticised for his scoring in the Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou fight.

Many fans believe Ngannou should have won, despite losing to Fury by split decision in Saudi Arabia. UFC commentator Joe Rogan was among those who disagreed with Pelayo's scorecard.

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he said: "Most people, including me, thought he should've won the decision including most boxers, most boxing pundits. He won that fight.

"They know he won that fight. He won on one judge's scorecard, but I thought he should have won by more than one point. At least one judge scored it right, that other judge who scored it 96-93 for Tyson should go to jail. Get the f*** out, and then the other one was 95-94 in favour of Tyson.

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"He f****ng dropped one of the greatest heavyweights, if not the greatest besides him, it was amazing. He was looking for that left hook over and over again, it was clearly something they were looking for. He's f****ng incredible, to have your first boxing match against the lineal heavyweight champion, it was one of the greatest combat sports performances in history.

"Francis got his flowers from the whole world, they all saw it. You can f****ng lie all you want, you can have your bull**** scorecards, you can have your paid off judges, you can have your corruption and nonsense. Everybody knows what happened in that fight and what happened in that fight is Francis beat the best heavyweight boxer maybe ever."

Ngannou has been linked to fight against former heavyweight champions Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder following his impressive debut. The Cameroonian is expected to make his PFL debut in the first quarter of next year, but the promotion's founder Donn Davis admitted that Ngannou's next bout could take place in boxing instead of MMA.

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