Likewise, shutting down apcupsd should be done with the same script:. Then create a file named. Initially I thought the problem might be related with the fact that I was using an old virtual hard drive. If you don’t have a vendor-supplied cable, or your type is not supported, you may have to build one yourself see Cables. We are striving to provide a useful package that works across all platforms, and welcome your feedback. As already mentioned, this should not apply, but in case of problems it is worth a try. Doing so, will ensure that the UPS doesn’t cut the power to your machine at a bad time.

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[SOLVED] No network connection in VirtualBox

To customize, so create a file with the same name as the action, which is passed as a command line argument. This final step is important if you want to ensure that your system will automatically reboot when the power comes back on. If you are not able to insert the above code in your halt script because there is no halt script, or because your halt script calls the init program as some Unix witg do, you can either just forget about powering off the UPS, which means that your machine will not automatically reboot after a power failure, or there is yet another alternative, though not at all as satisfying as inserting code in the halt script.

If all goes well, your system should be shutdown before the batteries are completely exhausted and the UPS should be powered off by apcupsd.


Replace the serial number in quotes supprts the one that corresponds to your UPS. It is recommended for modern ex: You probably should also click on the Startup Reinstall the driver as directed above if needed.

In general, it is much easier to let apcupsd find instxll device itself. If you have a UPS that communicates via serial port, you need to do two things before you can even think about configuring the software.

If you plan to use a USB connection, please read the appropriate subsection in its entirety. Most of APC’s lineup now uses this method as of lateand it seems likely to completely take over sjpports their low- and middle range.

Not much can actually be conveyed this way other than an order to shut down. This port is complete and is being used by several users.

APCUPSD User Manual

Also verify that you installed Apcupsd as root using the ‘ make install ‘ command and that you performed a reconfigure boot afterward. This means that it is immediately started by the operating system when the system is booted, and runs in the background even if there distrinution no user logged into the system.

By right clicking again on the system tray plug and selecting the Status item, you can verify that all the values for your UPS are correct. When that is done, ensure that your UPS battery is fully charged and that you have at least 5 minutes of remaining runtime on the batteries. Near the end of the uninstall you will be prompted about removing configuration and event files.

In general, if you see your UPS model in the S: RAM, disk size, disk type, and so on. In a future release of apcupsd this procedure will be replaced by a daemon operation that can be performed on all types of UPS.


It turned out that gpm, the mouse control program for command windows, was using the serial port without using the standard Unix locking mechanism.

Then create a file named. When the powerout action is invoked by apcupsd, apccontrol will first give control to your script.

If you already have an APC cable, you can determine what kind it is by nett the flat sides of the two connectors where you will find the cable number embossed into the plastic.

That’s about all there is to it. Any non-APC additions have been inserted in square brackets.

This type error messages such as configuration file not found, etc are written to this file. The sensitivity setting diwtribution will take effect immediately. If you have a previous installation, you can upgrade with a normal ‘ rpm -Uhv ‘, but this may not upgrade the halt script.

On slower systems, the percentage will increase proportionally to the decrease in the CPU speed. A runtime calibration causes the UPS to recalculate its available runtime capacity based on its current load.

TCP on any firewall running on the server. Remember that if the unit is an older model, then the runtime will not improve significantly.

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