Video cards mean special expansion cards which are responsible for output images to a display. Operation not permitted I think thi is the better information that i can give. I checked the kmix on line, and is ok. This standard, due to the use of high-resolution digital signal and ensures excellent image quality, characterized by high definition. Personally, I find that wiki entry to be effectively incomprehensible. I have been looking for the location of the conf.

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Anyone have this card work correctly? Hi, I wasn’t quite sure what you had meant by 34 and 39, but I think this site gives details: Amarok through the same sound source either motherboard or card that you have attached to the TV card?

Thanks for offer your help. This is my situation. My card have a cable that go out from tv card sound and go to line in on my sound card on PC.

Acorp TV-Tuner+FM Y878F Driver v.BT878

In progressive mode the letter “p” at the end is displayed full frame in a single pass. I check the kmix to enable -line in- and nothing, no sound. Can you find the reference to the Howto that included the modprobe instruction that failed. First, my card is Acorp 9YF, i found in this blog: Do you know where the modules.


Have you tried this? I had it written down, but now I can’t find it. The following tips will help you to update your hardware drivers.

Brooktree Corporation Bt Video Capture rev 11 If you need to install a video card, we are glad to offer your this article that explains tv-tunee installation process.

Well, i do this. FireWire is a method of transferring information between digital devices, especially audio and video equipment.

Acorp TV-Tuner FM Y878F – Computer TV-tuner specifications.

I was reading and reading, and for this specific card is more information in romanian and russian than english. I tried conecting the pc speakers directly to tv card and no sound.

This system provides two times smaller compared to NTSC, the vertical sharpness of color images. This is a modified and improved version of the Fn system.

Operation not permitted Well, when i follow thos other wiki: Still puzzled by why it doesn’t just work though – mine did with KdeTV without any messing around Thanks for any help on this. Video cards mean special expansion cards which are responsible for output images to a display. Bt87x – Brooktree Bt But, i only get this: Bt rev 17 at At some time in the future, that number is expected to jump to an unbelievable 3.


Winfast XP TV tuner card – Updated for v (Hardy) [Archive] – Kubuntu Forums

Xawtv -hwscan does reveal the card is detected. Weel, other good step. Are you getting sound from other applications e. I have Kubuntu 8. Teletext call information system, is the system for the transfer of a wide variety of text data, which are in addition to television programs.

But the sound tv-tunsr not work. Can’t give any more specific information as I’m away from home on my laptop at the moment!

Now I reading this wiki:

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