I don’t have to swing as hard to get the ball the correct distance and my ball flight is better. A premium set of clubs from the experts in women’s golf equipment. Even for somebody who hits their long irons well, as I did, I recommend these particular Adams a7 OS hybrids. And the other slight negative is that the ball doesn’t hold greens as well when I hit into them with the new clubs, especially with he 3H to 5H. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Subscribe. Store Outlet Customer Service.

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If you searched for discount golfgolf swinggolf fitnessSun Mountain speed cart, Clicgear cartor junior golf clubsyou’re on the right site. If you’re looking for game aams irons look no further! My buddies that try my irons and hybrids love the way they feel. Applying the lessons learned in that process, Adams developed and introduced the Tight Lies fairway wood.

Get the graphite shafts for the full benefit of the design.

Adams Golf Idea a7OS Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 3 reviews –

These distances are no longer than I hit my old irons. I swear I am at least 5 shots better adaams the new Adams, and probably closer to shots better. So much easier than my 5 iron and probably farther.


Great Clubs Bought this after researching new clubs mine were 12yrs old. They have a solid feel and fit my eye and swing. I don’t have to isea as hard to get the ball the correct distance and my ball flight is better. Premium, soft touch Winn Grips, the most popular model on tour.

Adams Golf Idea a7OS Irons

Trajectory is nice and high, but not so high that you can take a drink and wait for it to land. That said I am much, much more accurate with these clubs, as I mentioned before. Why is this review inappropriate? Great club from the tees when you gotta nail one down the middle.

In the past this shot was a pain to nail. I got them and was so excited that I took them out of the box and immediately went out and played a round and shot my lowest nine hole score ever.

A welcome replacement for long irons!

It might also be because I am better balanced and not trying to swing hard. They are excellent but I picked u p a ieea of Adams hybrids and liked them so well that I decided to try these Adams a7OS that I found on ebay for a good price.

Reviews: Adams-Golf-Idea-a7OS-Hybrid-Utility-Club-Golf-Club | eBay

I would definitely do business with adaks vendor again I had an issue with one of the clubs, and their response was prompt, through and very responsive to my concerns. I looked around for a while and found a great deal on the graphite shaft set on ebay. Adams Idea a7OS Hybrid. Subscribe to Our Newsletter Subscribe.


I’ve always axams my long irons and hit th em well, but quickly found that this hybrid was as long or longer than my 3 iron, and, most importantly, consistently straighter. This innovative design became somewhat of a phenomenon in golf and still enjoys tremendous customer loyalty. I have to figure more on what will happen after the ball lands than I used to. They’re in for a surprise! When I do miss with this club it is a miss left. I hit the Adams 20 yards farther than the other two when I tested them on the range.

Mallet design with soft feel and an alignment aid that makes lining up putts easier and more accurate.

Adams A7OS cured my Iron problems. I hit the pitching wedge about yards and the 3 hybrid about probably in the air. I decided to upgrade my irons this year and couldn’t be happier with ieda Adams a7os Hybrid Max set. For a high forgivness club, easy to set up draws, fades as needed.

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