Is the writer perhaps unaware that people with beefy Internet connections get 9 gigabits per second of bandwidth in long distance benchmarks, and still much more than 1 gigabits in real world applications? Actually, the time wasted should be very little. Much like some of your other comments…. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Its funny, now I have read this, even keeping an eye on NetMeter during playback of music proves the point…. The more I read about this issue the stranger it becomes.

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Here’s other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: Why would one give up on optimizing the DPCs? August 31, at 2: I have a problem that is the opposite to this. This is making me hate Vista once again! Also, remember that Vista was designed in a period from The irpt handler is most concerned with getting DPC queued and then re-enabling the hardware interrupts.

To enhance compatibility of vvista music in media player while playing games on Win10 with SoundMax, do the visra I had to come back in the weekend to put in place the proper solution.

And, yes, the same hardware running Linux can play back a adu1988 free mp3 while keeping the network link fully loaded with send and receive data.


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This might be another reason of strange behavior. Actually, multimedia glitching is a pretty well-known problem to heavy audio and video users i.

RejZoR’s Flock of Sheep

Anyone has an idea how to have both: November 7, at Get tech support here. Vista blows and Google is my best friend when it comes to information. I have a quadcore penryn cpu, 4 gigs of ram, a disabled for testing now wireless network usb-adapter, two network cards ,one for wired internet via the router and one attached to a network printer which i will attach to my router, but it has stayed directly attached for a while due to my laziness.

I assume it was polling the AP.

So, keeping a 15ms buffer from under-run vixta 10ms audio thread scheduling AND keeping DPCs from delaying that thread by more than say 4ms. I tried installing the unmodified driver with setup.

September 24, at 2: August 28, at 6: Then the Control panel will work. The point of contention is NOT computing power.

ADI SoundMax BlackHawk Audio Driver | RejZoR’s Flock of Sheep

Yes, for game sound effects you need fast response times: A lot of people are still talking about this issue here and elsewhere as if it were one of CPU usage. Not nearly a year after release. I have had a ton of issues with media playback in Vistaa on both single core and dual core platforms, with and without Aero even when it could easily support it. You can disable this protocol by finding the moved “Network Connections” folder go to Network Control Panel and click on whatever side entry relates to showing network adapters and then right clicking Properties on desired adapters and unchecking the IPv6 protocol entries.


I will repeat myself: Looks like SP1 is needed now more than ever! It works and I am not willing to turn my shop into a test bed for a first release of an OS.

Vista Multimedia Playback and Network Throughput

Do you already have an account? I have some ideas about these demographic groups, but no substantive evidence. These links may provide some additional info on “Gigabit network suffering slow relatively speaking transfer rates”.

Have you tried playing with audio frequency settings as mentioned at the end of the article?

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