I have to press F3 to exit. The File Manager shows wrong dates for files changed in or after the year If there are any problems, you may refer to this link for troubleshooting. I just have VMware Player. Done that, the performance was still unsatisfying. Created by Allard Sijm.

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The first lesson I learned, was that upgrading to the Workstation 6. I want to understand in detail how a DOS bootdisk with network connectivity ‘works so I can tailor the disks for specific network cards. By modifying the machine configuration file VMX filethe card can also be changed to a different one that may be more appropriate than the default.

This driver only cpnet to work on some boards, and not others??? Supports the 32 bits IBM token ring Cardbus adapter. Finally, mount niv virtual floppy under DOS.


Created by Angelo Sarto.

Create a Dos boot disk

If you are using static IP, look at the setup again. BTW – Dell used a 3c nic inside the docking station I had to work with Created by Ken Wygant. I copied all of the files that the MSClient needed, but it still wouldn’t work.

Updated by Peter Verstraten. MAX and reboot the system.

I just noticed you are using VMware Workstation. Dec 1, Posts: Feb 3, Posts: Created by Al Gilhousen.

Episode Two about video hardware not meeting the minimum requirements: I also like playing games, not only current ones, but also older games. Do the same when you are prompted for the 3 rd disk. Added dso about the HD Audio sound card. This site uses cookies: Here is all the NIC’s this one floppy zmd Jan 18, Posts: However, I couldn’t figure out how to make a bootable floppy that would actually work.

#31 MS-DOS 6.22 and MS Network Client running on VMware Workstation

Just use it – Snapshot will run on any DOS. I am stuck at that point. Microsoft Network Client 3. You should use the “Easy Install” option unless you have problems. The guest was a DOS 6. Please email me if you know what I should do.


I went through the whole process from the beginning and figured out what I did wrong. Install the msdos 3. Last modified 5 years ago. Thu Feb 01, 5: If the line is not present, just add it.

Wed Jan 31, 9:

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