How about a few pics of PA Vol Ctrl tabs? Please login or register. For all distros now, it doesn’t show up if I have it plugged in while the system is powering on. I think I’ve lost too much time trying to troubleshoot this and need to get back to making music. Your comments are greatly appreciated and will be very helpful in improving the Music Tribe Store. I don’t see anything else showing up in alsamixer besides “PCM”.

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It does seem like the electronics are thrown together for rapid mass production. I also have to say that I didn’t want to spend too much on such an interface. No registered users and 2 guests.

U-PHONO UFO202 Reviews

Luckily I did some search on Amazon. Have you ever tried to set it manually, it looks like it allows values 0 or 1 or 2.

Quite disappointed with the quality of my Scarlett. I’m using the UCAdevice, and sound is good or better as I would await it from a euro-part.

I could hear ufk202 sound, so, here’s the output Code: Just17 on June 23, Thanks Just17, you da man, I wouldn’t have thought of going back and looking again.


I originally assumed that the mic would be stereo capable, it isn’t. It obviously works for some users. I can only think that rebooting with the device plugged in did the trick.

I playand though I checked out the guitar amp, still no sound. Also, it appears the recording capability is not seen by the mixer. ANY poor quality is due to a loose wire behfinger failure to ground. The card does not have any capture devices if anyone runs into this in the future.

Similar to some other reviewers, my ufp202 was to simply send my computer’s sound output to a mixer. Your comments are greatly appreciated and will be very helpful in improving the Music Tribe Store. It works as advertised. I wish I had known this existed a long time ago.

behringer uca inputs/capture *working* – LinuxMusicians

May be you part is a little bit different, and there are other, unused mixer-parts and their open inputs catch the noise? I suggest you behrringer a music-oriented distribution.

LinuxMusicians creating music freely Skip to content. It is a cinch to operate. A great unit from a great company, ifo202 a great price. I don’t see anything else showing up in alsamixer besides “PCM”. It feeds your cat with radioactive material! I’m using Audacity to record each side, then process the tracks and saving to mp3. I am not even sure what it was but I was about to just buy an audiophile or delta My computer did not need to install a driver, however I did have to play around with Audacity a bit to get the software to “hear” sound through the USB connection as opposed behringrr the mic-in, but once that hurdle was overcome it works, and the sound quality is great.


Please try again later or contact the administrator. I happened to find an another 2i2 from office, and now tested it at home. I have to plug it after boot. Right, it’s now working and I have a selectable option to use the PCM input with volume slider, which works, in the “Recording” tab.

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