With a higher quality manufacturing process the clone design might actually work. Performance of golf clubs and equipment is based solely on their own merits and quality. I had back surgery with only partical success and will be playing limited golf so I would like to buy a good quality as close to OEM as possible non OEM set of irons and have them custom fit. Example, a set i built last year,. How can a Clone maker or Seller say that they are not trying to fool anyone? Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3.

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The Extreme X-4 has a thick top line and wide sole to enhance playability and provide golfers with additional accuracy. How bad are they? They may have atylormade names Turner T7, Gallery, and so on. Liou, Kent Graphtec and Trophy Sports, a separate company started by Jethro and his mother, Yeh-Chyn, in latehad breached the settlement by continuing to sell Taylor,ade Bursars.

Need to have a 6 iron built up and hit it.

Shop by Golf Club Clone

Re-shafted clome with Axe Xcaliber Taylprmade graphite. While not a tremendous amount in raw form, from a percentage standpoint it works out to an increase of Construction, Material, or Quality. These cases have been won in other industries. To say that a consumer has no responsibility is, well sad. The Extreme X-4 has perimeter weighting just like the Callaway version, which lowers the sweet spot and helps golfers launch the ball higher and farther with more consistency.


What’d You Shoot Today? Yes, I know this is a article. Thank taylirmade, Jeff Makowski Cell: Quality components are available from private brands that may be higher quality than major branded equipment.

BUILT for ME, short manso set was shortened cut,shafts spline alin, lie angle changed 2 degrees flat, loft angle adjusted, all assembly,packed, shipped to my door. For the beginner or high HC golfer, I highly recommend a good set of clones.

By saevel25Wednesday at GigaGolf Verve 17 Ti Driver. A test such as yours would better be done on mechanical equipment such as the ball manucturers use. Counterfeits or a Copy, are much harder to tell and that is why the Golf manufacturers are in fact going after these factories.

Shortside 2 years ago. Brian Peck 27 years old. And I have the benefit of custom fitting and the best components.

I worked for Arnold Palmer Golf back in the dark ages and built and sold clones and knock offs for 20 years. How many of them are the clubs the least of their problems? It is just that simple!


Some people might refer to some of our models as clones, or knockoffs, or “similar to’s”. Paul 7 bets ago. Unless its Oscar Peterson.

Has anyone tried these Taylormade clones? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

I couldn’t afford to buy that many name brand clubs. Then if it is cloen, how well is it assembled. They make their own designs.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Integra iDrive Hybrid Compare to: Golf is a game of honor.

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