How do you get an MCU design to market quickly? The InstallShield Wizard will indicate when the full installation is completed. The format for this data is specified in the following sections. If you have specific questions, you can read and post questions using the OpenPET forums on our website at http: The Support Board is shipped with the board receiving its system clock locally as set by a jumper J10 shorting pin 1 and 2 as shown in Fig. Starting from the least significant bit LSB:

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Please explain me this code Bitwise problem For a given bit packet, the packet ID is the most significant four bits. Size of this driver: Starting from the least significant bit LSB: Open a bitise line prompt with administrator privileges and type:. More detailed instructions are provided in the following sections.

QuickUSB Module from Bitwise Systems

The expected data should have a waveform similar to the one shown in Fig. Once you start the installation, a status bar will show its progress.

Please check past discussion threads before creating a new one. As you can see it was quite smple to install a Windows driver!


You are then required to log in with your username and systfms if you already have a myAltera account. The time now is The power cables and Support Board connectors are labeled.

Click on the top right Configure button and navigate to the Advanced tab Fig. Data acquired in Simple Example can be plotted by typing.

Driver for Bitwise Systems QuickUSB QUSB2 Module – downloading and installing it

Number of Samples is 32, samples before trigger is 15, and trigger window is Distorted Sine output from Transformer 5. Additionally, platform independent example Python scripts are also provided to streamline the configuration and acquisition process. Specifically, board plugs into the left column of pins on the connector which is marked main, 58, 62, 65, Default Values for all default values.

For example, to send a btwise command to a detector board in slot This driver works on Windows 5. In scope mode, each Quickusbb outputs a block of data sequentially as shown in Fig.

Getting Started — OpenPET User’s Guide documentation

If you have further questions or problems with the installation, please refer to the Altera support website http: For general questions, please see the documentation available on the OpenPET website, including presentations, publications and user guides http: In order to help build this OpenPET support network, we have created an opt-in email list for people that want to keep informed of OpenPET news and updates.


OpenPET commands are bits wide as shown in Fig.

We recommend using at least 3 screws on the top, middle and bottom rows. Now we will configure the OpenPET system. This download link is for the driver version dated Once you receive the parts for an OpenPET support crate, some minor assembly is required.

At this time, only Altera Quartus You may need to feed each screw through the power cable lug nut before attaching it to the Support Board, since the lug nuts fit tightly. The network switch used was Netgear GS These tools can be downloaded for free from the Altera Download Center website e.

The destination address is a bit number that identifies where the response should be received and processed.

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