You can even use the GPS unit hooked up to a laptop to easily watch your movement live on the computer screen using the bundled TOPO software. If nothing else, it will drive the price of used PNs down a little! What do you think? I was fortunately able to return it…and went back to much much older Garmin handheld that is much quicker and more accurate. Which unit do you think would fit our needs?

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I have used up to two dozen GPS units over the years, pn-220 survey grade sub centimeter to hand-helds. Yes I think they are trying.

DeLorme Earthmate PN Handheld | eBay

Pn-0 engineers fix some of the problems and offer firmware updates. It’s an outstanding, durable unit; Delorme’s map packages seem far superior to what anybody else has to offer, even at substantially higher prices; and their customer service and support departments are actuallu aupportive, unlike some other companies’. First, this is a great unit for outdoor activities– hiking, mountain biking, geocaching, etc.

On the contrary, if you have owned and played with maps and GPS units in the past, you will find that this is one powerful unit! Inside the battery compartment is ppn-20 secret slot where the SD card goes in.


Have a question about handheld? The PN comes in a few different felorme. Unit won’t recognize the maps that are sitting on it internally, never mind the SD card. They never solve the problems and usually try to hang up asap. I have emailed support, with very little help.

DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN GPS Review

The receiver is WAAS enabled. Perhaps the moderator can correct my typo so that this correction post is unnecessary.

Your Review Have you used this? I have to retract my comnplaints about their customer service. Can I use those maps and routes I have created on those maps on the PN? Second, Delorme’s new PN is now available, and might be worth a good, long look.

Another handy feature for my snowshoe hike was the elevation profile. It just offers so much that a new person might easily become confused. I just spent 5 hours with an upgrade to TOPO 7.

This affects the amount of map details and areas you want in one package but hey, for the money The color of the bars will change based on other information from the satellite. Like I said I waisted my money. You can store up to 10 tracklogs with 10, points each.


DeLorme Earthmate GPS PN-20

Richard… I feel your pain. Back on Course, Battery Life, bearing, Coordinates: For people who have dreamed about having a Google Earth type product in a handheld device…. I have a connection issue with the used unit I purchased thus I have not been able to use it with the unit.

I am very reluctant to go on serious hikes with this unit. The PN clearly will never do that.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-20 Handheld

I can now use it but it has lots of problems and short comings. Every time I try to download additional USGS quads or satellite photography, I hit a few dead ends before I refigure out their extremely unintuitive system. Since bodies of water are mostly flat then there is no data to show topographically. Also, it is slower to acquire a fix then my other units.

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