MaxSizeThe maximum size of the file. T Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. ShortcutThe command-line arguments for the shortcut. SizeThe size of the font used. This is actually a property name whose value contains the actual path, set either by the AppSearch action or with the default setting obtained from the Directory table. Associated Artifacts for

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DVR Recorder Security Solution

An integer used to order several events tied to the same control. Name of the dialog. ModuleLanguageLanguage of module requiring the dependency. Get your own cloud service or the full version to view all details.

Al[ Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. EventMappingAttributeThe name of the control attribute, that is set when this event is received. VersionMaxThe maximum ProductVersion of the products in this set. Integer containing bit flags representing file attributes with the decimal value of each bit position in parentheses Foreign key referencing Component that controls the file.


ModuleSignatureDefault language ID for module may be changed by transform. Q Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. View the network section for more details. A conditional statement that will disable this component if the specified condition evaluates to the ‘True’ state.

Name of the icon file. ExcludedMaxVersionMaximum version of excluded module. ListBoxA positive integer used to determine the ordering of the items within one list. If a property by this name is defined, it contains the full path to the directory.

PatchSizeSize of patch in bytes long integer. J Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. Tt Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. LanguageList of decimal language Ids, comma-separated if more than one.

InstallModeInstallation option, one of iimEnum. RegistryForeign key into the Component table referencing component that controls the installing of the registry value. ControlEventA value to be used as a modifier when triggering a particular event. Q 6I Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup.

FaceNameA string indicating the name of the font used. Foreign key into the File table denoting the module that needs to be registered. The attributes ld-bs04 this product set. If there is more than one billboard corresponding to an action they will be shown in the order defined by this column. Mf8 Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. MaxVersionThe maximum version of the file.


All the items tied to the same property become part of the same listview.

Digital Video Recorder DVR – Samsung Communications Centre

If a component is disabled, it will not be installed, regardless of the ‘Action’ state associated with the component. RemoveIniFile2;4The type of modification to be made, one of iifEnum. The primary key of this table.

FmRif Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. RemoveThe list of features to remove when uninstalling a product from this set.

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