I just have one problem now Cutting this bracket off seems a bit crude…. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. Talk about getting fried in your own fat. It could be RAM

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How to replace screen on HP Pavilion dv – Inside my laptop

I thought this was a joke, but after 3 hours dv20000 trying everything else If the screen is the same size, resolution and has same type of connector for the video cable, most likely you can use it. Gian, I have an HP dv laptop with a broken screen, my brother wanted me to reinstall windows on it, but we are not able to see the install process of the OS on the external monitor.

The pc itself appears to be working fine but the screen attempts to light up but unsucessfully. Since I was able to fix my problem from this forum I though I would add one thing in case someone has the same thing going on. Use it only in hard surface coz there will no proper air circulation in the surfaces like bed He still thinks he can get something out of that machine and will take it monitpr someone who knows about Hardware fixing hardware issues is beyond my knowledge but IMHO, I don’t think it is worthy because he did that previously and that didn’t help.


It looks greeat, not a single pixel missing. I need an advice: Go to removal and replacement procedures chapter and then navigate to the power connector cable page. Is that trivial, or should I get a new screen.

How to replace screen on HP Pavilion dv2000

It runs Vista Ultimate edition. Can you get video on the laptop screen back to normal by moving the display? I got the lcd repair in May and the screen have been cracking open at the bottom left screen ever since then, and now its a whole lot worst.

You are a lifesaver. Like a spoilt television. Billy, Just want to say thanks flawless 10 min installation from a non expert. December 4th, 1.

HP DV2000 Screens

I have the exact problem they are describing that tons of people have, on the same product, but because my little number doesn’t match I shouldn’t be able to get any service. Find out which one you have installed.

Kari No I cant access windows. How dim is the screen? I am quite happy with the fix so far. What would be mlnitor next steps after what you show? How much would labor normaly cost?


The manual also has disassembly instructions. I have had all these same problems. If video starts working properly when you moving the video cable, most likely you have a short inside the cable and it has to be replaced.

HP Pavilion has black screen problem [Solved]

Thanks for great tutorials! Screen, video cable or something else? I am using a HP dv and it is pretty old now no warranty left. I believe you can use a different screen as long as it have same resolution.

Thanks to both for replying. I had the same problem.

The display works great on my external monitor. Because, the manual talks about removing the mini PCI communications module in order to remove the display screen?

So last night, I upgrade Windows to 7 and still got that same problem.

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