I welcome bumping this thread too because I’m trying to get my emu usb working with Windows 7 64 as well. But I want to start recording again, so I need the usb. Ironically, any time I’m creating a track, I do not get distortion in my apps Reaper, Fruity Loops , although, FL does like to take a dump on me randomly. Make sure you identify it with your own customized name to find it again. The website says that there is a beta Driver available for the USB , I wanted to know if any of you home recording people out there are having luck with this beta driver.

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Do you already have an account? I will readily admit that I am not very skilled or knowledgeable at all regarding the soundcard even though I’ve owned it and been using it to record music for a few years. For some bizarre reason Creative have removed them for the support links and only give a vista driver which was giving me BSOD’s with reaper with a quad core win 7 64bit system.

Incompatibility with EMU ASIO driver | Adobe Community

Ferguson Moderator Tuesday, February 17, 5: EMU Graphics Card: I don’t know all the details, but I wonder if there’s something about window’s new sound architecture and trying to get ASIO working. I got this link on Creative EMU support. Discussion in ‘ Computer Audio ‘ started by uraflitDec 3, I can tell you from painful personal experience that E-Mu’s latest ASIO driver is not without it’s problems, certainly on some machines, and I’m sure that it will be the same on Vista as it is on W7.


I can reset sound card like you do or go into ‘Sounds’ on the Control Panel and switch between 24bit, Hz and 16bit Hz or vice-versa and it will work again for a while, I even tried setting 00404 priority in task manager to ‘high’ with not much difference. There was also an error on windows load about a qindows missing that was found to be linked to the adobe updater app, which seems to be a problem with the shockwave plugin http: Make sure the settings in the patchmix are set to Internal, then everything should run perfect.

Monday, January 25, 5: I’ve been using the soundcard for years with Win XP and as my laptop is having issues I’m planning on a new laptop soon.

Evidently, that’s not true Until then I’ll just look for better software well, right, bets better hardware too. Many thanks for any input on this. Anyways, my new sound card is no longer a problem but the E-MU doesn’t want to work.

Windows 7 and EMU 0404 USB

I would be very pleased indeed if E-Mu could bring themselves to write a proper driver not a beta for these devices and the others in the same class, but they have shown no inclination to do so. Sunday, June 13, 8: The win 7 beta drivers show up under another emu product, but support the ‘s and don’t give a BSOD Emu Win 7 driver links Just in case anyone is using the emu pci card or equivalent, to save you the two days of tearing your hair out I’ve experienced, the beta Windows 7 drivers and patchmix application are linked below.


Nice to know I’m not alone. I am btea the will have a similar setup. Please enter a title.

Create the strips you need and save it in your sessions as Default. Audition forces the driver to 48 kHz the sampling rate in the driver’s control panel reverts to 48kHz as soon as Audition sees the driver. The reason, multiple people with multiple sound cards are having the same issue. Originally Posted by pure.

Monday, September 21, 2: What a crappy reply to a support ticket.

I have the exact same question as the OP. And that’s on a blindingly fast i7, for heaven’s sake! Windows 7 Sound Card: Any better USB 2.

Not an IT pro?

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