Lesson 32 – Creating Optional Parameters. Lesson 26 – Looping with the For Iteration Statement. They are Comparable and Serializable , and the serial form is designed to withstand arbitrary changes in the enum type. Lesson 59 – Creating a Database in Visual Studio. It takes two operands from the command line, iterates over all the operations, and for each operation, performs the operation and prints the resulting equation:. It is not necessary that the set of constants in an enum type stay fixed for all time. Lesson 1 – Series Introduction.

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Solution – Challenge Simple Darts. The idea of adding behavior to enum constants can be taken one step further.

Lesson 53 – Working with Enumerations

In this case, it may actually make sense to considering that the class and enum seem to conceptually belong together: Two classes have been added to java. Lesson 48 – Collection Initializers. Here is the previous example redone using this technique:.

In this case, it may actually make sense to considering that the class and fnum seem to conceptually belong together:. Lesson 14 – Working with Dates and Times. You will want to create a pet class, and capture the name of the pet, the age of the pet, and the type of pet. Lesson 32 – Creating Optional Parameters.


Here is an example with an enum whose constants represent the four basic arithmetic operations, and whose eval method performs the operation:. Lesson 11 – Conditional If Statements.

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Now, the pet type might be one of several different available options: For example given the following enum declaration:. Solution – Hero Monster Classes Part 1. Solution – Challenge Days Between Dates. Lesson 8 – Data Type Conversion.

Lesson 0133 – Changing the Length of an Array. Lesson 15 – Working With Spans of Time. Lesson 35 – Manipulating Strings. Lesson 20 – Maintaining State with ViewState.

Lesson 33 – Creating Names Parameters. Lesson 45 – Static vs Instance Members. Lesson 49 – Working with the Dictionary Collection.

That includes natural enumerated types like the planets, days of the wnum, and suits in a card deck as well as other sets where you know all possible values at compile time, such as choices on a menu, rounding modes, command line flags, and the like.


Enum types provide high-quality implementations of all the Object methods. Solution – Challenge Conditional RadioButton.

Challenge 4 – Challenge Days Between Dates.

TIF 53 – ENUM (Telephone Number Mapping): Contributions | CRTC

Lesson 57 – Understanding Global Exception Handling. Lesson 29 – Creating Methods with Input Parameters. They are Comparable and Serializableand the serial form is designed to withstand arbitrary changes in the enym type. There is another way give each enum constant a different behavior for some method that avoids these problems. Papa Bob’s Mega Challenge. So when should you use enums? Enumerations are used all over the place in the. Lesson 66 – Package Management with NuGet.

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