The following demos were run with SoundStorm sound enabled:. We are also negative to the chipset cooler which in itself is not especially efficient but which also has very bad contact with the chipset as EPoX is using a simple piece of TIM as heat conducting material. MP3-encodning is in a very large extent depending on the CPU which we clearly see in the results. Therefore, we conducted 24 hours of Prime95 torture tests, ran various Super Pi stress tests, and reran various benchmarks like SPECviewperf 7. The Port80 diagnostics card on the lower right hand corner is an invaluable tool for anyone who likes to tinker with their system.

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Adio final words we would like to say that soon there will be more nForce2 motherboards here on Nordichardware but which ones the future will reveal….

Perhaps this only effects the serious overclockers, but still it is worth mentioning. As Prime95 8rca running in the background, we reran our gaming suite as well as everyday apps like Word 8rva Excel in addition some data compression here and there.

SK-7 is out of stock Memory stress testing was conducted by running RAM at MHz and MHz with as many modules populated as possible at the most aggressive timings possible. File compression is one of the more usual jobs the computer gets to carry out and it is a very memory demanding application.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. The following demos were run with SoundStorm sound enabled:. Not EPoX nor Chaintech allow changes of the voltage to the chip which we can understand, considering the already large generation of heat. We believe that nVidia has some work ahead of itself when it comes to gaming and office performance, but when we look at advanced 3D-performance there is only one king.


Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? (and nForce2 questions) – Ars Technica OpenForum

However there is room for improvments even here and some of them we saw already 8tda Chaintech 7NJS Zenith, higher voltage settings for the memory. Thorough tests show how the performance of the motherboard is compared to competitive products on the market.

Read on and we shall see Mar 3, Posts: Log in Don’t have an account? Jan 22, Posts: And this is of course another reason for us to look closer at overclocking, if not only to satisfy our own curiosity. EPoX is one of the few manufacturers who still stick to the old classical scheme of colors which once was used by most manufacturers.

It has happened more than once that you get negatively surprised after having stared at specifications and numbers when reality proves to be quite different.

In 2-channel mode pink is mic-in eppx blue is line-in. Advanced chipset features is the menu most often used as it is the one with the most interesting settings. Also in this review we have used some more advanced 8rea to get a good overview of different workstation applications and we have used SPECviewperf 7. RGrizzzz Ars Praefectus Tribus: The circuit offers two firewire-ports which are connected to the included panel.

We are of course speaking of the problem caused by the lack of space for AGP and memory.


EPoX EP-8RDA – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP

The thing about MWave is that they charge a little more than Newegg for their memory and CPU so it doesn’t really make sense to wait. I’m assuming it uses the Akdio sound.

The aduio cooler on the motherboard is of a bit unusual design and of a passive kind which unfortunately proved to have a multiple number of flaws. During our final overclocking we increased the voltage up to 2.

TechBubbel Podcast — Power bios also gives the user the opportunity to change the voltage for parts of the motherboard, which is very important for serious overclocking. Here we see that Soyo KT Dragon Ultra actually draws the longest straw, even if it only wins by the least possible margin. The audio processor in the nForce2 chipset which is 88rda in the south bridge MCP-T of the chipset is for example the only sound circuit on the market which offers realtime encoding of the Dolby Digital-format.

I love my 80 mm Thermaltake adjustable speed fanbtw. The problem is that there is at epx one big disadvantage. I just put together an 8RDA system for a friend.

There shouldn’t be a single user out there that isn’t satisfied with these aggressive timings.

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