The numbers above and my experience suggest that scanning film larger than 35mm at resolutions of over dpi is utterly impractical unless you have only a couple of slides to scan and plenty of time to kill. Although the orange and lime slices on a light box was a fun studio idea, the result photographed on slide film was not as saturated and punchy as it needed to be. It performs perfectly after thousands of scans, and years of use. With the previous model a considerable achievement was made with the introduction of an optical resolution of dpi. Day and night difference but avoid multi—scanning—for some reason successive scans do not overlap properly causing blur.

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On a positive note, I like the Epson software, which is easy to use.

Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera Review. With an optical resolution of xthe is one of Epson’s most eagerly awaited items.

Black and white silver-based film negatives have always been an unusual scanning problem. Epson Perfection Flatbed Scanner. The Transparency unit also has a sliding lock Great glue on this label Use coin to unlock scanner coin not included You can’t miss the epaon, well at least I didn’t Use finger to unlock scanner lid finger not included Driver and Software installation Before connecting the scanner to your PC, you have to install the scanner software, epsob says so on the yellow label.

Epson Perfection 4990 Flatbed Scanner

Best Selling in Scanners See all. The is the BEST photographic scanner for quality and reliability!

Scan times To cut to the chase, the scanner is preposterously slow. Maybe you want to include a small note in your review about this scanner. But realistically, most amateur slides and negatives don’t have any more detail than that anyway.


Upon that I went out and coming back exactly two hours later I found the software showing that remaining time was Instead, I would like to briefly share my experience with the scanner, which I bought primarily for scanning slide film.

Great scanner I used one like this in a photo lab for 5 years.

Does anyone really shoot medium format film to make prints of this size? See all 6 pre-owned listings.

Oleg Novikov Photography » Epson Perfection PHOTO scanner user experience report

The only significant difference is that professional scanners all have three-line CCD linear sensor arrays, and the Perfection has a six-line linear CCD array, with the inherent optical challenges that entails. Epson Perfection Flatbed Scanner 8 product ratings 5.

Although the orange and lime slices on a light box was a fun studio idea, the result photographed on slide film was not as saturated and punchy as it needed to be. What it does indicate, though, is that the dpi scan has pixels of better quality.

Several readers have written questioning the xcanner times above; also, some Internet sources suggest that the scanner’s performance immensely depends on the hardware resources of the computer in use. I have used it for almost three years now and, whereas I have been mostly satisfied with its performance, it is an old scanner that has been long replaced by newer and better models. I found nearly every one of my scans of 35mm images could go directly to a print on 13×19 paper with print values and image qualities that held together very respectably.

Review: Epson Perfection bundled with SilverFast SE

Show More Show Less. Practically speaking dpi is the top useful resolution, although you can select up to dpi. When you click scan, it scans each selected area to a separate file. Great scans from transparency slide and negative films. However, the estimation might change several times during the process of scanning and 4990 from, say, four minutes to thirty nine or from “less than a minute” to 10 minutes. I was searching for some reviews about Epson scanners, since I was considering returning the HP and buying the Epsonbut after reading your review I guess I’m not buying that.


Epson Perfection 4990 PHOTO scanner user experience report

The result of this workflow from scans with the Epson Perfection PRO are just about the best image files I have produced. Quite honestly, I expected the Epson to win hands down but the result was exactly the opposite—see below.

Scanned, what I see here is really interesting and surprising— the Minolta at dpi actually extracts significantly more detail than the Epson at dpi! I made a cardboard guide that lets me scan 12 35mm slides at once.

And now, with the ‘s greater dynamic range I was able to scaanner all of the tones precisely in a full-range shot of these falls on Mount Rainier.

Talking about mechanical construction, film holders are all glassless and quite flimsy. It isn’t too hard to position the film by hand on the glass.

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