Create an account for your GameDev Portfolio and participate in the largest developer community in the games industry. This page is intended to answer a few of the more commonly asked questions. Before you pick one you might want to set the clock those who use the DS loader will have the time come from the DS and EZFlash I users who do not use the DS loader will not have this option. Unplug the USB cable and plug it back in. The battery recharges hen you use the card in the gameboy.

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It will give a warning about XP signing but you can click continue anyways. You should only have to do it once too. You must login as Administrator, install the drivers and apply it to every user. If you are running Windows XP make sure you at least have service pack 1 installed and are using the USB drivers provided there in and not using the USB drivers that came with your motherboard.

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Create an account for your GameDev Portfolio and participate in the largest developer community in the games industry. Either from the EZFlash homepage or as you will likely find it slow there E-flash will have them. The relative merits of each shop could be debated for a long time without a clear conclusion, just bear in mind shops in Hong Kong and other Asian countries may cause you to have to pay import taxes, may take a while shipping and be expensive at that and returns may be difficult, many have and do use such places without any trouble though.


For the Mbit and Mbit capacity carts, the capacity of saver is 2Mbit.

Again you will create a file similar to the game rom that you can write to the flash card same as one of the games and when selected in the ez-fllash menu it will play the movie! I have not tried using powertsar under a rescue version of XP bartpe or some of the stuff bundled ez-flassh the likes of Hiren’s boot CD but there is the option of the virtual machine- http: Please re-word it if you want help, or you could wait for someone to come along and make sense of it.

While retaining al the exeptional features of the EZ-Flash 2 cart this new card uses 1. The EZFlash support forums are http: By nizaryos Started Wednesday at To do this, you can use TotalCommander or WinCommander or something else.

FAST Feb 8, This can be an important advantage for non-SP GBA users, as buying batteries can get very annoying and costly.

EZFlash II Powerstar Driver Trouble – EZ-Flash USA Forum

Depending on where you live you may not have got a CD with your EZFlash kit, and thus no instructions on what to do with it. There is no support for 64bit versions of Windows, no Mac clients Virtual PC is known to work however and no Linux support.

Similar threads with powefstar PM me if you ever want to sell it. Separate names with a comma. You can use your GBA SP to search the cheat code by yourself, and you can choose to use these cheat code or not – activate cheats by clicking [Use] in the Writer menu. All this was resolved in a later version s of EZClient get the latest version and make sure you are not using a pre-patched ROM.


The more advanced features of EZFlash Products. The light on the linker should go from red to green and you can now you can pop that cart into the linker and General rule of thumb here would be to charge around every month to make sure the saves are still intact, but not to get over worried with it.

EZ-Flash USA Forum

If you have backed your. Further info on cheating can be found in the appropriate Category: In EZClientyou can enable 2 tiny but useful features: Now for some basics.

This is where the name Power Star comes from. To fix this disconnect the linker from the cable, reset the computer and reconnect the linker after Windows has started.

It may be that you cart was improperly assembled happens even with the “original” commercial carts. Flash 2 Advance Ultra – F2A ultra flash cards.

Ez-tlash Flash – G6flash usb linker pda card. SAV files before changing ROMs on the cart and you want to put back them on it when you are re-playing to those games.

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