I have the Ping AWT stiff shaft, green dot. Man what have I missed. The shaft means more to playing well than even Tom Wishon states in his book. When we tried the Ping i15 irons out we immediately noticed that the thicker top line and larger head on the longer irons gave you more confidence at address than the i10s. I tried both in a simulator and hit the i15 a little longer and straighter on a consistent basis. I am looking to purchase a set to be my last set and would like your opinion on this. She is a professional level player not touring pro, but still professional level , and I found it intriguing that she would consider making that move.

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I have the ZZ65 shaft, which produces a lower trajectory. I recommend the Ping fitting system.

On the bright side, again, the clubface remains relatively uncluttered. Engineers have designed the i15 with a Custom Tuning Port in the cavity which provides stunning feel and acoustics.

Today we will have a closer look at the i15 irons. Performance wise the Ping i15 irons were great with a strong penetrating flight and they did seem to go a little further than the equivalent G15 iron. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

They are also actually quite nice feeling on chip shots. I have been playing the Mizuno MPirons but at age 57 they didn’t give me the forgiveness that I needed.


I expected the worst of a yd weak fade. Im an 18 handicapper. They felt really solid and were consistent. Not only were they a club longer, but they were extremely consistent when it came to distance control.

Looks like there is no definitive answer on anything!!! The shaft means more to playing well than even Tom Wishon states in his book.

Today’s Golfer

Glad you love them! Instead it barely missed the fairway on the left. Anyway, I do not think it is a big deal, but some might, so keep that in mind. After adjusting to the added distance, I settled into a decent ball striking day. Whether or not these are too thick or just right is a matter of personal taste. Your reuse gives me confidence that I have made the right decision. Only thing is I am a 20 handicap, but am really looking to crank up my game.

The 7 was straight, 10 yards longer and easy to work right or left. These are definitely the clubs for someone wanting to step up and take their game to the next level.

Yes you do lose backspin but they are long.

Ping i15 Irons Review

Before I buy, are there any other comparables out there that I should give a try? I was looking for a pkng ball flight with the ability to work the ball some. When I first received the i15s, I headed right to my home course, walked out on the first tee without even hitting them on the range.


This hour and a half session, which included some long chips, really sold me. I admit that I held out on the hybrid craze longer than made sense.

Ping i15 Game Improvement Irons Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

I just ordered my i15 irons yesterday and am very anxious for their arrival. Though I understand the modern trend towards putting more weight in the sole, I still wish the center of gravity was a bit higher specifically for this knock-down, escape-from-trees shot.

Handicap 8, and just went through my first ever fitting using Ping nFlight system. I tried both in a simulator and hit the i15 a little longer and straighter on a consistent basis.

This toe-angle photo gives a great view of the thickness of the sole and topline. Distances were a little better maybe yds than with my MP57s, but the consistency was far superior. I had no problem hitting nice high draws or hitting knockdowns under the early fall winds here in the North East.

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