If you get these right at the start of trying to connect, or especially if you get this when you are trying to select a driver, then try reinstalling the ASCOM platform, then the driver. We need to know:. If your guide camera supports binning many do not , you can specify what level of binning you want to use for this equipment profile. Three-axis accelerometer, proximity, and light sensor Messaging: PHD2 never sets the mount guide speed, it only reads it. It is usually expressed as a multiple of the sidereal rate and is typically in the range of 0. AstroGuider OS X www.

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What brand of device e. If the driver connects and some things work but some don’t or the driver connects in one application but not in others then the basic connectivity is OK and the challenge is to find out why a particular function isn’t working; we need to know:. What doesn’t work, which program and where in the program it fails.

If you choose to make or buy your own from another source, please be sure it is built per the description shown in this document. It may be necessary to uninstall the current installation and reinstall it. These are very variable, good ones are fine but there are a lot that aren’t so good and it’s not obvious which are which.

The CCD port is indeed ST-4 compatible, but Meade chose to use a nonconventional pin numbering scheme, and did not provide a diagram that shows how the pins are physically numbered.


Device-connection in the wizard is basically a convenience feature that makes it easier to fill in asdom fields with accurate values. If you want to use the same equipment set-up with different binning levels, it’s best to create separate profiles for each binning value. Read the help that asom with the driver. More likely you’ll not get a reply at all. This is used for setting baseline guiding parameters, doing sanity-checks on calibrations, and reporting guiding performance.

It provides software solutions for life-critical patient care environments — intensive care, perioperative, intraoperative, post-anesthesia and others.

Some poorly designed USB to serial connectors can select a different port each time asco are connected, especially if they are plugged into a different USB socket or in a different order.

Ascom IP-DECT and VoWi-Fi systems – Wildix Integration

This should be accessible from the driver setup or properties window. Of course, you will also need a telescope mount that is capable of receiving tracking correction commands.

Is the cable connected to the correct port on the scope? What file format should I use with Altair Cameras? Discuss and share techniques Like the Official Altair Astro Facebook page for uxb product updates and info.

If the ascomm aren’t square, just specify the larger dimension or the average value if you prefer. The “Guide-port” interfaces use a specialized, hardware-level control port available on most mounts. Ascom and Wildix integration: You will need Winzip to open the file, present on most Windows PCs.


Removable Li-ion mAh battery.

GP USB Rapid Charger – U421

Please note cameras tend to work best on Win Plug the grey ST4 cable into the camera, and into the mount. This is another area that seems to cause confusion. Remember that we aren’t looking over your shoulder; ueb can’t see things that are totally obvious to you. This seems to be a common place for mistakes, so it’s worth being careful and getting it right.

If you can cause the problem at will, write down the steps you took to cause it, producing a “repro scenario”. What driver you have selected, including its version normally visible on the driver setup or properties window.

This resulted in damage to the electronics in his mount, as well as damage to the interface adapter. Ggp is usually expressed as a multiple of the sidereal rate and is typically in the range of 0.

If you are new to webcam autoguiding, click here for a brief overview of the key elements of any webcam autoguiding system. If your guide camera supports binning many do notyou can specify what level of binning you want to use for this equipment profile.

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