The PCI bus walk is a good example of such a scheme. Again, not mandatory but a good practice to follow. Thx for your answer. What’s the difference between ioremap and file operation mmap? Remember from Chapter 2 that device memory regions must be allocated prior to use. The returned address is not guaranteed to be usable directly as a virtual address. The quad-word nomenclature is a historical leftover from the times when all real processors had bit words.

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I am not sure how mmap is relevant to you, it is a file operation that filesystems must implement, not PCI device drivers.

ioremap() and memremap() []

How to acess the physical address from linux kernel space? Navigation index next previous The Linux Kernel 4. Start by searching the kernel source for your distro Remember, though, that these addresses should not be dereferenced devide instead, functions like readb should be used.

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Linux Device Drivers, Second Edition by Alessandro Rubini, Jonathan Corbet

Memory mapping is one of the most interesting features of modern Unix systems. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. What’s the difference between ioremap and file operation mmap?


Multiple Device driver from single device driver???? The returned virtual address is a current CPU mapping for the memory address given.

This document does iiremap cover how to receive such an address, but assumes you are starting with one. There are three distinct cases that you will encounter: Post as a guest Name.

This was a sensible choice, since at CPU level everything happens with page-sized granularity. Again, not mandatory but a good practice to follow. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Some variants are provided for these functions. This function does not give bus mappings for DMA devlce.

This is the role of the ioremap function. The start argument to pass to the functions is the physical address of the memory region, before any remapping takes place. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. There are devicw equivalents to memcpy. The description of ioremap: GPIO register address link Page 90 http: It is only valid to use this function on addresses directly mapped or iroemap via kmalloc.

The following fragment shows the loop used by short in ioremsp to a memory location:. Because ioremap was used to provide access to the ISA memory area, silly must invoke iounmap when the module is unloaded:.


Due to a historical accident, these are named byte, word, long and quad accesses. Then you can read and write to IO registers. The read function is structured as a switch statement over the different access modes; here is the sillyb case:. Enter search terms or a module, class or function name. This is a range of addresses separate to the normal memory address space.

The returned physical address is the physical CPU mapping for the memory address given. Unlike memory mapped IO, no preparation is required to defice port space. Most device drivers for peripherals have to access IO space,so I’d have a look at the source of a device driver to see how it’s done.

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